Depending on Neighbors

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Some people always depend up on their neighbors and lend a lot of things from them. It is very hard to live with this kind of neighbors, luckily my neighbor is not in this sort. My neighbor is very kind and do a lot of help to me. Also my house owner is a great helping lady and help us whenver we are needed.  One of my friend is having this kind of depending neighbor and he hates him a lot. 

Every day my friend’s neighbor come to his house and ask news paper to read. He have the ability to buy the newspaper by his own. In fact he is more richer than my friend. But he is not interested in spending money as well as he is a great miser and always interested in living with other persons work and earnings.

This kind of persons never get shame for their activity and continue their lending activity from their neighbors. They will ask things like groceries, money, food items and magazines from their neighbor, some persons will return the things, but some persons never return the things, in fact they forget about their lending activity and ask other thing without returning the first thing.

There is nothing wrong in helping our neighbors in their needs and necessaries. But Some of our neighbors have the habit of lending things from others, even though they don’t need it. We must avoid this kind of persons and never encourage them by giving their needs. They will continue their habit and ask money from us without any reason, if we encourage this kind of persons and help them without any reason. 

Some people may misuse the money which is borrowed from their neighbors. They may purchase alcoholic drinks from our money which is not good for their health. Surely we must avoid helping this kind of persons, by giving money to them, we are indirectly spoiling them

What about your relationship with your neighbors? Are you depending them for each and every activity, or just do your activities and work by your own without depending them? Do you have any depending neighbors in this sort? What is your opinion about this kind of sites


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