Pharmaceutical Service System Proposal (Technical)

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System Background

Reliable management team spent most of their time developing a strategic plan, the key element of which is a major effort to streamline operations to improve services and reduce costs. They see this effort as their only hope of surviving in a future dominated by large health care companies that can dictate price and outsource pharmaceutical services to whomever they choose. They plan a significant expansion into neighboring states after the system is up and running to recoup its costs and increase economies of scale (the saving in cost of production that is due to mass production).

            Because of the constant and favorably increasing demand of medicines, medical equipment and other health care necessities, they initiated a plan of improving its service to cater their rapidly growing number of clients.

            The full system would involve many events and domain classes. We will initiate the subsets of each major process and propose a project plan that will enhance the old system created by the previous management team. The main objective of the project proposal is to automate more of the basic information it handles about patients, health care facilities and prescriptions. This will be initiated through an informational website that will evolve into an extranet through which Reliable will share information with clients and suppliers. This is in line with the Reliable executives’ decision to develop an extranet that enables its client health- care facilities to order drugs and supplies as if they are ordering from an internal pharmacy, as though they are part of Reliable internal organization. This will cater the convenience of the three main entities of the system – client, Reliable staff and supplier, which will improve the inefficiency of their present operating procedures.

Information Systems Planning and Development

The proposed system will involve many events. We will focus on each of its major subsets.

Prescription orders come from all of Reliable’s nursing home clients throughout the day. The client has two options upon placing its order – either through the extranet (considering it has already been developed) or through direct orders assessed by the pharmacist assistant on duty. If orders are placed through the web, the extranet administrator will evaluate each order and send it to the orders database if verified, considering the item availability. Otherwise, the pharmacist assistant will have to check the order and approve whether or not it matches item availability. Then, he/she sends it to the orders database.

         Note that the extranet has the following set of features:

·        checking of order status

·        price and item inquiry

·        help center

·        patient’s data security (as required by the HIPAA)

·        adding of patient information

·        placing of order

·         online payment

The drug inventory system will check for the item’s expiration date, the current item’s status and whether that certain item reaches its replenish level. In other words, it will determine when the product is at its insufficiency level and needs to be restocked. This is through the automated supplier and Reliable staff communication.

There shall also be a new system software that will feature a supplier- connect application. It contains the drug inventory database which will be checked by the supplier at any point of time to supply Reliable. It shall only be made exclusive for Reliable and supplier only.

The client will be granted the privilege to cancel or update its order. They will be given a maximum of 12 hours to do so. Otherwise, the order will automatically be pursued. Within those 12 hours, orders encoded in the database will also be modified if necessary. If not, the order will undergo necessary system procedures and to generate a case manifest.

The generated case manifest, which identifies each patient and the drugs he/she has been prescribed to (including how these drugs are administered), will be fetched by the shift supervisor.  After fetching, he will assign the case manifest to the licensed pharmacist. The pharmacist in return, will produce a task list which will be sent to the pharmacist assistant to grant the task list. The pharmacist will be responsible to supervise and coordinate the assistant’s work.

The pharmacist assistant will load and assemble all of the individual components of an order after receiving the task list. After packaging, he will send it back to the pharmacist for further verification. The pharmacist will check all individual components loaded in the locking case in line with the task list. Then, it will be finalized.

There are several points in the order fulfillment process. It prints out two copies of case manifest. Then, the order fulfillment notification will be sent to the office clerk to add or update patient information and drug inventory database which are both beneficial to produce a purchase order and record inventory adjustment report. After which, the office clerk will generate a management report.

During the order fulfillment process, the billing system will also be utilized. After the locking case has been attached with two copies of case manifest, it will be sent to the cashier for billing. The cashier will then generate a billing slip which will be attached to the loaded locking case after the bill’s status has been set as “billed”. The delivery personnel will receive the locking case and deliver it to the client.

The proposed billing system has the following specifications:

·        uses high- end computer

·        hiring of new cashiers

·        inclusion of bill to approved locking case prior to delivery

·        direct payment through direct orders

·        update of billing status

Once the order has been received by the client, the delivery personnel will attach a delivery slip for the client to verify each of its components. The client has two options for payment – either through the Web (via credit card) or through direct payment. If paid online, the extranet will have to assess for the payment and display necessary payment information after all payment transactions are completed. Otherwise, the cashier will assess the billing process. The cashier will update the billing status from “billed” to “received” once the payment is received and the process is ongoing. After all payment transactions are completed, the bill will update the bill’s status to “paid”.  The cashier will generate a printed official receipt which will be received by the client once all billing procedures are fulfilled.

While the entire system is running and performs significant business operations, the maintenance team which is composed of the extranet administrators shall ensure that the system runs at its optimal level and verify that at most, all software bugs are fixed ensuring the quality and the entire functionality of the system to prevent unexpected shutdown of the system.


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