Micke’s Own Words – Super Handball Online Game Review

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handball.jpg Ahh, the fun of reddening up your hand as you slap a ball up against a wall.  For those of you who might like to play Handball, this game might be something you would enjoy.  It’s almost like tennis, with the exception that you’re both on the same side of the “court,” you use your hands, and there’s no net.  The object of the game is to slap the ball against the wall in a spot that your opponent cannot get to it.

Graphically speaking, this game is pretty well put together.  The court, the players, the ball, the movements, the powerups.. It’s an ace serve.  The oversized hands are comedic and also helpful in the game, as they give you a better perspective on where to position yourself to hit the ball.

You play either a male or female handballer.  You don’t get to choose which one you are.  Whichever one comes scurrying over to your mouse pointer is the one that you are.  The controls are easy.  Press the SPACEBAR to drop the ball during the serve.  The rest of the game is played with the mouse.  Move the mouse to move your player.  Click the left mouse button to hit the ball.  Hold the button to give your swing more power.  There is a power meter on the bottom left of the screen.  It’s probably not a good idea to always hit the ball hard, as you may need to hit it softer to try and make the ball bounce twice before the opponent gets to it.  There are powerups to the game.  A shoe powerup gives you more speed.  A big pill gives you a bigger hand.  A small pill gives you a smaller hand.  I don’t know what the spring does.

The game is great.  The only drawback is that most of the game is played on the right side of the court.  There doesn’t seem to be much control over which direction you hit the ball.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Sports

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