Fruits And Vegetables That Prevent Baldness

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Our body needs protein, complex carbohydrate, healthy fat, vitamin and mineral in order that our hair can strongly grow, thus preventing thinning out. There are fruits and vegetables that are good for your hair growth and prevent baldness.

Inadequate nutrition, extreme diet or sickness can cause baldness. Eat balanced diet high in fatty acid of omega 3, vitamin A, B and C and zinc will help your hair grow well and prevent thinning out of your hair.

Livestrong mentioned several fruits and vegetables that can be consumed to avoid thinning out of your hair.

1.      Eat carrots as they are sources of vitamin A that keeps scalp healthy. Eat carrots and hummus for healthy protein doses, monounsaturated fat, and complex carbohydrate.

2.      Orange can also contain inositol, a kind of sugar related to glucose, also known as vitamin Bh. It decreases cholesterol level and help body break fat. Inositol also stop fair from thinning out and avoids baldness.

3.      Green vegetables such as old spinach, Swiss chard, collards and bok choy all contain vitamin A and C, that help body reproduce sebum which is oily substance produced by hair follicles, working as natural conditioner for your hair.

4.      Red peppers contain vitamin C more than a cup of orange juice. Vitamin C is strong antioxidant that improves circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth.

5.      Avocado is the source of vitamin E, essential for healthy hair growth. Vitamin E also can be found in olive oil, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

6.      Cherry juice is rich in zinc. Baldness can also be caused by anaemia. So, make sure your diet should consist of adequate zinc to prevent anaemia. Green leafy vegetables, dates, raisins and dried fruits are also high in iron.

7.      Blueberry, raspberry and cranberry contain antioxidants that can promote hair growth due to better circulation in the scalp. Dark pigmentation in this fruit comes from healthy bioflavonoid that is rich in vitamin C

Baldness could also be due to hereditary  disease. However, intake of vegetables and fruits mentioned above should still be consumed as they may be beneficial for overall health, especially most of them are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, B, C and E.


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