Where to get free music

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There are many places that you can download music free these days.

I don’t have any P2P shareware programs listed. Many of these that are listed for download are new artists. So you can discover some pretty good music. There are a couple that call for some participation requirements, but most do not. One does involve a one time free also.

Here is a list. Go ahead. Enjoy all that is free in the land of music.

Amazon You can get free and sales specials. Sign up for their mp3 download newsletter to get the offers directly into your inbox.

Emusic daily Mp3 download You must download their toolbar to do this. You can also sign up for a free trial and get free downloads. For that you do need to give credit card information but you can cancel when you get your free downloads and you won’t owe anything. You also get to keep the downloads.

Free Music Downloads You must participate in free offers.

Free Mp3 mail Mp3s are sent to your inbox daily.

Fusetv Download free music.

Last.fm A new one is added daily.

Mpfree This involves you doing participation.

Mtv Download free music.

Music downlads This site does involve a one time membership fee of $19.95. So it is not completely free but it is a pretty good bargain.

Spinner’s Free Mp3 of the day A freebie every day.

These are a couple sites that allow you to search for free downloads available on the net. If you are looking for a certain song and can’t find it else where you can look here.

Bresso search site to find Mp3 downloads

WuZAM search site to find free music downloads

Another site that offers free music for signing up is Ourstage. You get to listen to all kinds of new music here and vote on it.


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