Cyclothymic Disorder Review

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This is a highly volatile disorder that one cannot easily predict the attitude of the person. Although the disorder is manageable and does not need long-term therapy, it can also lead to a more severe depression without immediate medication of the patient. In other cases, cyclothymic disorder may become a full-blown bipolar disorder and it may continue as a persistent condition.

Common Symptoms of Cyclothymic Disorder

            Among the possible symptoms of cyclothymic disorder are sporadic episodes of hypomania and mild depression lasting for at least two years, patients tend to be more ill-tempered or murky rather than euphoric or happy and lasting chronic symptoms that induce extreme happiness or intense sadness.

Major Cause

The unknown origin that causes cyclothymic disorder is one of the well-research programs in the world. Even though the changes in mood are asymmetrical and nippy, the mood swings are far less relentless than in bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness). Unlike in bipolar disorder, periods of hypomania often do not become actual mania. Environmental and biological factors may affect the evolution of cyclothymic disorder such as pollution, strain, pressure, genes and nutrition. A lot of probable cause or assumptions could be drawn and intensive studies have been done to downsize the exact cause of cyclothymic disorder.


Medications used to care of cyclothymic disorder are known as mood stabilizers. The patient with severe condition may use the combination of antimanic drugs, antidepressants, or psychotherapy. Since cyclothymic disorder has similar condition with bipolar disorder, lithium has been used for years to treat the condition. The patient may also use antiseizure drugs like Valproate, Tegretol, Trileptal, and Lamictal. These drugs are well-established and approved by pharmaceutical companies but it cannot easily purchase over the counter because they require you to have the prescription from the doctor. Also used for bipolar disorder patients, Neurontin, Zonegram and Topamax can be also used as antiseizure drugs for cyclothymic disorders patients. Basically, patients with cyclothymic disorder may not react to treatments as stalwartly as do patients with bipolar disorder. Tension and stress of illness is also release by joining a support group whose members share common experiences and problems about the condition. You can also join linkages established by different organizations and partnerships that tackle about the treatment of cyclothymic disorder. Along with proper treatment and therapies, a person having this has bigger chance to live normally as the condition is still manageable. 


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