Conversion Disorder Review

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It is a kind of disorder that has multiple complications especially in the physical aspect of a person that could be easily recognized by other people. The term conversion disorder is not popular among the common people yet the campaign to propagate the erudition of learning about it is rampant and highly supported by the government and by the different organizations.

Common Symptoms of Conversion Disorder

            One of the basic symptoms of conversion disorder is gradual loss of one or more bodily functions such as blindness, inability to speak, numbness, paralysis and other physical malfunctions. On the other hand, diagnostic testing found to be no probable physical cause that could worsen the symptoms. Usually, symptoms of conduct disorder last for days to weeks and may suddenly go away. Although the symptom itself is not life menacing but the complications can be unbearable. A trace of psychological problem such as depression, hypertension, and mental retardation among the family members could also be a basis for medical evaluation. Negligence of mild symptoms could actually skyrocket to severe complications.

Major Cause

Psychological conflict commences the development of conversion disorder symptoms. Like for example after the stressful experience may trigger the symptoms. People with medical illness, dissociative disorder, or a personality disorder are more at risk for conversion disorder. One of the causes of distress is the misconceptions of some medical practitioners. Some doctors falsely believe that conversion disorder is a false condition, and may tell patients the problem is all in their head. However, these conditions truly exist. It is perennial to understand that patients are not making up their malingering. The physical manifestations are thought to be an endeavor to resolve the disagreement the person feels inside. For example, a woman who believes it is not suitable to have violent feelings may suddenly feel deadness in her arms after becoming so irate that she wanted to hit someone. Instead of allowing herself to have vicious judgment about hitting someone, she may experience the physical indication of deadness in her arms.


Among the foremost medications in medical psychology are talk therapy (psychotherapy) and stress management training that may help reduce symptoms, tension, stress, guilt and shame that he might experience during the process. The complete intervention of the doctor will include physical examination, and possibly diagnostic tests, to rule out physical causes for the symptom. This will properly address the real problem experience by the patient. The affected body part or physical function is necessarily to undergo physical or occupational therapy until the symptoms disappear. For example, paralyzed limbs must be exercised to prevent muscle wasting, cramping, swelling, and numbness. With the advancement of modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities present in the hospitals, eye transplant is possible. Since conversion disorder entails a lot of complications, intensive care must be carried on. The parent of the patient should seek the help specialists to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment process.


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