Conduct Disorder Review

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It is also expected that those who have other illnesses such like the mood and drug disorders may add to the mayhem of the patient. Particularly based on antisocial personality disorder, children with conduct disorder during the early childhood stage may escalate the advancement of personality disorders as they go older. Since social pressures push the behavior to worsen, they acquaint into more serious dilemma like drug and legal problems. Manifestations can be traced as early as adolescence and early childhood yet if the condition of conduct disorder is neglected it can create violence to humanity or the patient might commit suicide to end up the pressure that the patient has been experiencing.

Common Symptoms of Conduct Disorder

                       In children with conduct disorder, they tend to be impetuous, pigheaded and have no empathy towards other people. The incidence of violence and chaos is the blatant attitude of the person. Without obvious reason, they break rules even the presence of the authority to reprimand him or her. They have antisocial personality behavior towards the animals like cruelly or aggressively stomping the neck of a cat or fire setting in the cage of a bird. These manifestations would later turn into big deadly deeds like bullying in school, fighting, using deadly weapons and ammunitions, sexual harassment and cheating. In school, the act of truancy is practiced and they have poor deportment in school. They also engage in heavy drinking and using illicit drug like marijuana. Fire setting is intentionally done that may lead to criminal act known as arson. They also lie to achieve a thing or avoid things if they want to. Sometimes they are running away which is a manifestation of rebellion. Signs like vandalizing or destroying property are an indicator of conduct disorder that could compromise other people. These children are continuing to flaunt their antagonistic behavior that makes them isolated from others and having hard time to make real friends.

Major Cause

Early symptoms on bipolar disorder and depression can be spotted in conduct disorder. It is highly associated with attention-deficit disorder which is prone to alcohol or drug addiction. The probable causes of conduct disorder are child abuse, drug dependence or alcoholism started in the family, family conflicts, genetic defects, and poverty. In other words, conduct disorder is highly susceptible from the influences of environs and biological pattern. Defiance and rule breaking are common among the boys but it is hard to know how common the disorder is. It entails a lot of qualities before making up a final diagnosis. Simple adolescent rebellion or boyish enthusiasm may consider normal but what make this normal behavior more alarming if it is exhibited persistently and extremely.


The involvement and participation of the parents is highly needed. The parents must keep an eye on the development of the condition even in the toddler years of the child. The parents are held liable and accountable for any actions exhibited by their offspring. Parents who are open-minded will learn the technique of good parenting. Reading books and watching good parenting shows will greatly help in identifying the common problems that will come out in child-rearing and it will help the parents to widen their horizons especially in understanding special disabilities like conduct disorder. Avoid your child with conduct disorder enrolling in behavioral modification schools, wilderness programs or boot camps for it will only fuel their aggression. They should not be enrolled in a highly structured curriculum that promotes competition rather they should be placed in a stress free and democratic environment. Do not restrict them what they want, only guide them. Serious injuries and deaths might occur if you are impatient in choosing the safest and relieving program for them.


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