Cognitive Disorder Review

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 It can be caused also by illegal usage of substances and drugs that damaging the nerve cells in the brain. Some of the related problems acquired by this disorder are new information acquisition, onset of short term memory and other cognitive and mental problems. Variation of treatments of cognitive disorder is based on the severity of the sickness especially in the children who are sensitive in medications and therapies.

Common Symptoms of Cognitive Disorder

Specifically, cognitive disorder has varied symptoms and manifestations but the problem based largely on the brain’s ability to information processing or remembering. Symptoms of cognitive disorders are short term memory, disorganized thinking, dumbness and other physical and psychological problems. If it is left untreated, serious negative effect may further develop. Other symptoms of cognitive disorder are rapid changes in mental states, language skills problems, learning difficulties, critical thinking problems and dependence on notes and calendars that may lead to cheating.

Major cause of Cognitive Disorder
 Categorically, cognitive disorder is classified into different types. Delirium, a circumstance in which the consciousness is greatly affected by abrupt change between mental conditions, is subdivided into substance intoxication delirium, substance withdrawal delirium and unspecified delirium. Dementia, this is characterized by sudden loss of brain functions that cause thinking impairments, is acquired through Alzheimer’s disease, HIV disease, head trauma, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Pick’s disease, Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease and multiple etiologies. On the other hand, amnestic disorder is a impairment in memory that is not induced by alcohol or other psychoactive substances.

Therapists and guided counselors can help with the symptoms of cognitive disorders. Counseling plays a vital role in support system. Replenishing loss memory can be done through activities like mnemonics, film showing and field trips. You can also benefit from the treatment options by listening to others who have similar problems. Slightness of treatment is done depending on the exact type of cognitive disorder. Reading books could also be a good activity to regain his memory. Enrolling at Special Education centers or rehabilitation centers is a better way to retrieve and gain information through the activities and plays embedded in the curriculum. In some situations, patients tend to go back from his past experience or places to regain his/her memory. Still, the best way to treat these patients is the combination of medications and psychotherapy.


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