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Facebook like option is used to show our feelings about a particular update, page, comment, picture or video. If a person like your page or update s/he will automatically click the link button to show his/her willingness. But most of the people are interested in getting likes and force others to click the like button. It is not a good activity. 

Some persons will create task in various sites and pay some money to the persons whoever like their thing like updates, comments, pictures, videos or fan page. People are interested in getting the money and click the like button without reading or watching the information. There is nothing wrong in attending this kind of tasks to earn money, but we must read the information and watch the photo or video before clicking the like button. Don’t like a thing without knowing the concept.

Some people will send personal messages to their friends and request them to click the like button. This kind of activity is also not a good thing. If your friend is interested in your activity and likes your thing, s/he will click the like button without asking him. This kind of likes are only genuine and having the importance.

It is not tough to get a lot of likes to our things by creating tasks as well as forcing our friends to click the like button to our things. But this kind of likes are not a real one, all of them are fake. People requiring this kind of likes, because they want to show that their things are liked by lot of people and get an image and status with this activity. But this kind of fake likes will spoil the originality of your work. If you are interested in checking the real popularity of your work, don’t force others to click the like and create such kind of tasks. Surely the persons who like your activity will give their real like to your things. This kind of real likes always have their own importance and help us to know the real number of people whoever like our work.


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