How to Earn With Swagbucks

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Swagbucks is a great way to earn online.  There are many ways to earn with it, including searching and playing games.  The points used by Swagbucks are, from the name, swagbucks.

1. Search Engine
Swagbucks is mainly composed of a search engine, which appears on every page of it.  Searching on the search engine once or twice a day, usually profits with each being 5 to 20 points.

2. Coupons
Another way to earn swagbucks is with coupons.  There are two ways to earn with swagbucks.  You can print out the coupon and redeem it at a store, or you can add the coupon to your savings card and the swagbucks would be applied when you enter your card.  When you redeem your coupon or enter your card, 10 swagbucks would be added to your account.

3. Daily Deals
With daily deals, you can earn much more than coupons and searching.  Furthermore, you can find great deals offered by many websites, such as groupon, eversave, and tippr.  Each one has its own assigned amount of swagbucks (ranging from 10s-1000s).

4. Daily Polls
Using daily polls is a great way to earn “small money” everyday.  With daily polls, everyday swagbucks comes up with a poll, and you can vote on it.  Each vote is awarded with 1 swagbuck.  Daily polls are great to use, but nothing big.

5. Games
There are two ways to earn with games.  You can play free games and earn swagbucks periodically.  Another way is to play tournaments.  With tournaments, you have to pay to play, and get a chance of winning big bucks!

NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers) is another great way to earn big or small money.  There are many free offers, awarding you with a small amount of swagbucks (less than 50).  The pay ones offer many swagbucks, but at a price.  Some go up to the thousands.

7. Special Offers
Special offers give you A LOT of points.  The lowest ones are in the 80s, and the highest one is 3600 swagbucks!  Many offers are using credit cards.

8. Swagbucks TV
Swagbucks TV is a great way to earn swagbucks while having fun and experiencing entertainment.  At the end of every two weeks, you will receive a bonus containing all of the bucks you received during that period of time.  Also, if you are new to swagbucks, enter the code SBTVisOnTheAir, and receive a bonus of 30 swagbucks.

9. Tasks
Tasks can earn you quick small money.  It ranges from 1-12 swagbucks each.  Each one is very simple to complete, and require.  For example, one of them is to “Find an address on a website”!

10. Trade In
Earn big or small money through trading in your game consoles, games, and books.  By trading in game consoles, you could earn thousands of bucks.  Wii games also give you a lot.  Most of them are in the hundreds.  Books also award you, but with much less.  Many don’t even go up to 100 swagbucks.

11. Trusted Surveys
In trusted surveys, you have to first complete a profile about yourself with your country, your language, and other information.  After that, you just have to answer questions from sponsoring brands and earn swagbucks!

12. Referrals
Last but not least, there are referrals.  By inviting friends into Swagbucks, you have friends to email and chat with, while being able to earn whatever your referrals earn!  If you have 10 referrals who each earn 500, you earn 5000 swagbucks.  The only downside to referrals is that each referral can only give you 1000 swagbucks.

Join SwagBucks now and start earning!


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