Women Tactics And Ideas to Get The Right One

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Being a woman isn’t easy, we LOVE with alll our hearts, WE are emotional creatures.  There are some “habits” some women need to understand and stop doing that makes us as a sex look completely foolish:

1.Being the “chaser”: We find someone completely attractive inside and out and want him BAD!!!! So we do our best to get the guys attention. He may show signs that he likes you, but your aren’t sure. The decison to chase him… Being the “chaser” doesnt work all the time. MEN love to chase, and the women are the “chase-ee” human nature. It kind of makes the girl look completely deserparte and then they will find another girl to chase that isn’t pushy. Just let him chase you. 

2. Be a challenge: This may seem difficult and cliche, but this is a great idea! Make the guy work for you Do not sit around like a piece of meant and say “Okay, iam easy…. have me”. Play hard to get and be a little flirty. Don’t make it to the point that you act “easy”, frankly that is unattractive. He won’t say that to you, but getting his full heart…? NO. Getting used… Pretty much.. 

3.Being Mz.Easy: Now this takes me to number three, If you think you giving out your “cookie” (got to get it G rated) will get a man to fall in love with you.  Definately, NOT the most smartest option. Women has been tryin to win a guy over with the “cookie” for ages. The only thing the girl gets in return is a broken heart and NO commitiment. The “friends with benefits” won’t last that long either. Sex is just that sex, if you arent in a relationship and giving the “cookie” to everyone you won’t find the right guy. Your goodies on it’s own will not get you a great lasting relationship.

4. Being Mz. Spender: As I heard several times in my life. The “gentlemen era is dead” hmmmmm, really? So some girls take the option of becoming “Mz Money Bags. Dinner: “Babe, I got it” Movies: “babe dont worry about it I got you.”  Then the guy will think that you will be  throwing money around ALL the time. The dinner date will become all you. As you go to the movies you will be buying the tickets, popcorn, softdrinks, possibly a soft pretzel. It’s wonderful ladies do be independent, but let the man be the MAN. If he wants to be lazy and selfish and not spend a dime on you, ON TO THE NEXT ONE. A real guy will pay for dinner and a movie with no ease at all. Unless you want to end up broke. 

5. Miss Changing faces: Men have preferences that they go for. Human nature at its finest. Some women decide to start molding themselve as what they think the guy wants.Wrong, wrong, wrong. If the guys is interested, he will adore you with or without make up. He will think even on your bad days or when you are sick that you are beautiful regardless. If the guy talks down to you on how you dress, talk, eat, move, the end result is you feeling like you aren’t the real you and playin a barbie”  That is the worse feeling in the world.  



LOVE yourself first!

Then the right man will be at your doorstep in no time. xoxo


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