Are You Suffering From Astigmatism And Wonder How It Could Be Treated?

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Astigmatism is very common eye disease. You can hardly find an individual does not suffer from any type of astigmatism. According to a recent survey, by American Optometric Association, nearly 45% of the population is suffering from some sort of vision problems, especially Astigmatism.

In order to get right cure for astigmatism and promote good vision you need to learn more about it like what is it, what are its common symptoms, causes and the effective treatments?

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is refractive error of an eye caused by irregular curved of cornea or lens.

In simple words, it is a disability of an eye to focus light to a single point on the retina to produce sharp and clear image.

In an effected eye, the cornea is become more oval and loses spherical shape that helps to make sharp image by focusing light on the retina. This is called corneal astigmatism while the astigmatism occurring due to irregular shape of an eye lens is called lenticular astigmatism.

Symptoms And Causes Of Astigmatism

People with mild astigmatism don’t even realize it. In moderate astigmatism cases patients have reported one or all of the symptoms below:

  • Distorted or blurred vision

  • Headache

  • Pain in effected eye

  • Difficulty to focus on objects

There are many causes that make cornea or lens to lose their perfect spherical shape. The most known of them is heredity.

The large numbers of astigmatic patients are those who have a family member suffered from astigmatism (parents or grandparents). Therefore if you’re suffering from astigmatism then there are greater chances that you’re born with it.

Many people also get astigmatism after a serious injury and due to surgical complications as well.

Types Of Astigmatism

Astigmatism can classify into two types according to the shape of cornea or lens of an eye.

Regular Astigmatism – Astigmatism in which the light rays project on different regions of eye, either in front of the retina or behind of the retina, instead of the center is classified as regular astigmatism.

In case of regular astigmatism both sides of cornea are of the same shape therefore they make equal curve which gives it football like shape.

Irregular Astigmatism – Irregular astigmatism of an eye is due to the interruption of light rays because of the distortion of the cornea or lens caused by an eye injury or disease that cause irregular or non symmetrical surface of the cornea.

Hence proper focus of light rays cannot be possible to form perfect image on retina.

Treatment For Astigmatism

Although astigmatism is not a serious eye disease but delay in corrected error may cause congestion of the eyeball covering membrane or lid margin infection.

Therefore taking effective cure for astigmatism is crucial to maintain good vision.

Fortunately, astigmatism can easily treated using corrective lenses, eyeglasses or contact lenses, prescribed by an optometrist.

In some cases you may need to undergo a refractive surgery treatment to reshape an eye surface.

The widely used refractive surgery methods to cure astigmatism are: Laser-Assisted in-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) Surgery, Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) and Laser-assisted subepithelial keratomileusis (LASEK).

Words Of Advice

It is highly recommended to visit an authorized eye doctor to take an eye examination including different tests to determine you vision problems right from the beginning.

Your eye doctor can suggest you the most suitable eye treatment to help you with astigmatism in case of blurring


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