Tips to Grow Your Small Business Youtube Presence: Part One

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Tips to Grow Your Small Business YouTube Presence: Part one

1.) Make an Agenda

Create an agenda that includes fresh content every week. Make sure that your plan includes topics that relate to what your business is doing every week. You can come up with a recurring series with a single theme. This helps ensure that you are creating new video content on a recurring basis. For instance, YellowSchmello provides a “YellowSchmello Tip for the Day” video series.

Here Are Some Topic Ideas:
a.) Think Of Questions That People Have About Your Product
b.) Think Of Questions That People Should Be Asking About Your Product
c.) Write About a Current Event Relating to Your Product
d.) Write About an Event You Will Be Hosting

2.) Make Short Videos

When was the last time you watched a fifteen-minute YouTube video that you had never heard of before? Exactly. In order to get your entire message across to your audience in the short amount of time they grant you, your videos should be one to two minutes.

3.) Promote Your Videos

Did you know that 48 hours of YouTube footage is uploaded every minute? This means your videos will need to fight to reach an audience. Make sure that you optimize your videos using your targeted keywords. Use your keywords in your title, description, and tags. Your YouTube video URL should be pasted to the bottom of your description. This allows for people to easily scrape (copy paste) your video URL.

You can also post your video across social networks. Post links to your YouTube channel along with requests for people to subscribe. If people subscribe, then your videos will be suggested to them every time they log in to their YouTube profile.

4.) A Visually Pleasing Channel

This all goes back to branding. Make your YouTube channel visually pleasing. It should reflect your brands image. Using your logo on your channel. When it comes to branding, one of the most important factors to getting people to remember your brand is repeated exposure. Make sure that the colors and pictures you use on your channel are consistent with your brand.

-Adam Barnhart


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