Details of Additional Costs in Mexico

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Despite the challenges, as a national war on drugs, the global recessional and a reject in investment in oil production in Mexico has increased steadily. In 2007, Mexico ranked 19th only an attractive market for foreign investment, but in 2010 had risen an impressive eighth

Mexico has its problems. However, the country continues to attract to the trade by U.S. companies to reduce operating costs. In addition, when the world economy recovers more investment to be expectable. The U.S.A. is the leader when it comes to investing in Mexico, after rising by 400% over the past 15 years.

True, Republic of China has become a popular point for American investment, but Mexico has the closeness that clung to him. Put differently, Mexico is on our doorstep. Trade Agreement, NAFTA, and others have served to growth trade and investment in Mexico. Services, the foreign direct investment, foreign direct investment in Mexico out of date, and an incredible growth is expected in the accommodation sector.

An example of a growing trade in Mexico, when common Motors declared in January 2011, an investing of $ 540 million for its new 4-cylinder engines. Mexico will also come from the expectable 500 employees will be hired benefit. Of course, GM business anywhere on earth, however, ruled Mexico for trade. This increases the credibility of the workforce in Mexico and that’s it.

Mexico is actively looking for more investment from China and the trade. His argument is to eliminate the proximity to the U.S. market, are often long delays in shipping between the U.S. and China. In a way, looking for Mexico, as an intermediary betwixt China and the United States to act.

As a bonus, Mexico, California can be used as a starting point entry of China into the U.S. market to miss and promote their products by truck. In addition, Mexico has many free trade arrangements, so that China duty-free in some commercial transactions. While China and Mexico established arrangements, Mexico continues to run in exclusive geographic proximity to the U.S. market for Chinese companies.

Mexico has become the major battles, despite the global recession and a dirty war against the drug continuously increased foreign investment it receives. While GM new investment, new 4-cylinder engines has announced plans to build for his cars. Mexico will benefit from 500 new jobs. NAFTA has contributed to increased investment and business in Mexico.


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