Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

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Motherhood is nature’s best gift to a woman. First and foremost, a big congratulations to you for becoming a mommy! Surprisingly enough, for most of the first time mothers out there, telling their parents, sister or friends is an easier task than telling their life partner. Shyness, coyness and nervousness are some of the obstacles that crowd their way. After days, weeks and months or possibly even years of waiting, simple words like “I am pregnant” do not do justice to this wonderful development. The idea is to make every moment special and it sure begins with telling your husband that he is becoming a father soon. Prepare and plan the occasion so that it stays frozen in time as the most memorable day of your life. It is upto you to make it feature as the best time shared by the both of you. Read on for some great ideas.

How To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy. Depending on whether you are a good cook or not, cook or order the neighbourhood restaurant to deliver at the doorstep. The pivotal idea is to fill his stomach with good food, make him happy and then announce the good news. You could either serve him a plate with a serving lid on the positive pregnancy test. Or you could go down on your knees and give him the positive pregnancy test in your hand. Say something on the lines of, “will you be the father to our baby?” Wait for his jubilation and don’t be surprised if you are smothered into a bear hug.

If you are the outward, raunchy and the eternally in love kind of couple then the following will be the best idea for you. Leave a trail of baby products that are not too obvious. Leave something like a baby toy on the table or serve him on baby plates and glass and leave him a little perplexed. Mislead your husband into thinking you are going to be making love. Write on your tummy “i am pregnant” with a red lipstick, so that he reads it when he tries to undress you.

If you are the shy and timid kind of a wife then fear not, we have subtle and cute ways to tell your husband as well. Just wrap a pair of baby shoes and gift it to him or give him a box wrapped up in gift paper and write “your present will be ready in 10 months from now”. You could also wear an apron saying, “I’m going to be a mommy soon”. You could also click a picture of the positive pregnancy test, frame it and include a note like “positive proof that you will be the best daddy in just 9 months”.

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