Men in Black 3 is Going to be Released in Three-Dimensional (3D) This Year.

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Will Smith has revealed previously, the controversial pop singer Lady Gaga likely appear in the movie ‘Men in Black 3’. This time, turn the director Barry Sonnenfeld’s Mother confirmed that Monster will appear as an alien.

Gaga’s fashion is always eccentric moment on stage. It may also be one reason to invite interested Sonnenfeld Gaga appeared as a cameo.

In addition to Gaga, the director will also feature a sensational pop singer Justin Bieber. He was deliberately presenting some famous celebrities to increase the attractiveness of the film.

“I can not remember any celebrities in the second film, but here you’ll see Lady Gaga. Tim Burton is probably better know a lot about aliens than I did, and there is Justin Bieber, too, “he said.

Sonnenfeld admitted surprise when Gaga readily agreed when offered a part in his film. When asked what role would be, he replied, “Maybe it would be an alien.”

While Gaga himself had expressed his desire to develop a career in acting. Singer of ‘Born This Way’ it said this when a talk show with Ellen DeGeneres.

There is no certainty whether Justin Bieber is also going to be an alien or other roles. Last year sempet doi appeared in several episodes of the television series CSI.

In MIB 3, Will Smith will return to play the character Agent J, while Tommy Lee Jones role as Agent K. The film, made ​​with the 3D version will also be featuring Nicole Scherzinger who plays Lilly’s cruel.

The film is scheduled to be released in U.S. theaters on May 25 next.


Latest photos of “Men In Black 3” featuring several scenes that acted in the film Nicole Scherzinger. In the photos, Nicole displays the image of a sexy and dangerous criminals named Lily Poison.


Seen in the photograph, the former personnel of The Pussycat Dolls are seeking the release of criminal aliens, Boris (Jemaine Clement), who became the main enemy of Will Smith (Agent Jay). With her ​​sexuality, she was able to fool the prison guards and allowed to enter.


In addition, another image also displays the time Nicole was holding a gun. Behind him, lay the guards that he had killed with Boris. Both were able to escape from the prison.


“Men in Black 3” tells the story of an assassination attempt made ​​on agents Kay (Tommy Lee Jones). Therefore, agent Jay (Will) was a trip back in time and working with younger versions of agents Kay (Josh Brolin) to thwart the plan. Together, they try to save the earth from alien attacks.


The film is directed by director Barry Sonnenfield it will be released next May. In addition to these stars, the film also played by Alice Eve (Young Oh agents) and Emma Thompson (Oh boss).



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