The Raid Hate Film Directed 3D, Dear The Nomads And Paris Hilton

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With the growing success story menggemanya “The Raid” both inside and outside the country, immediate gestures director, Gareth Evans are increasingly attracting attention. Father of one daughter had always known this very humble and this can be seen directly from the way he dressed every day, armed with a T-shirt, jeans and jackets are almost similar to each other.

One other thing that also characterizes Gareth is his love for films of good quality and style of speech that speak frankly express what he thinks without hesitation. And comments like that that he made when asked if “The Raid” version will be released in 3D? Given the many other films, especially Hollywood production that extra profit with the 3D frills.

“To those who ask, no, there would be no movie The Raid in 3D format, the film itself was too dark and moreover, I hate 3D,” he said. “I have been hard to watch a 3D movie for 10 minutes, how could I would spend months filming and editing 3D movie … I’ll just keep using 2D format :)”

Although not like the 3D movies but it seems Gareth loved his fans that he described as nomads THE FANS. To express his gratitude, Gareth even tuck their name in the end credits roll, “At the end of the credits there is a thank you to THE FANS nomads, they were followed here @ perantau_ID and they’re great! Yes thanks for the support! ”

Another story when it comes from an international celebrity figures such as Paris Hilton, recently The Raid: Redemption break prediction authors of online media Madjo box office with a large influx of Hollywood ranks 11th in the ranking of the predicted 12 this week.

In Kartini day yesterday, Paris Hilton also gave support to the film The Raid: Redemption by inviting his followers to join the fans watching this movie over the weekend. Woow .. This view of the child Nazyra Jajang C Noer Noer C also become a follower (follower) Paris Hilton inform the director and expand the statement to the world of Paris Tweeps

“Go see The Raid: Redemption this weekned. AMAZING action movie!” Paris Hilton said.

A proud achievement itself felt, that the artist had already started memperhatian Hollywood movie, and invites his fans to watch it too. Well if you’ve watched? Continue supporting our national film indonesian.


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