Living-Dead to The Allianz Arena Tickets

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The four semifinalists will fight again the middle of this week to see if they could get tickets to the Allianz Arena and the final.

In the first leg last week, the host managed to save the victory.Bayern Munich beat Real Madrid 2-1, Barcelona 1-0 Chelsea bend.

Although the score is thin, but to save the victory still better than nothing. Thus, Bayern and Chelsea have a mission to hold a series of at least their opponents in the second meeting.

Bayern, who had been confirmed lost again from Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga title fighting, will travel to Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday night or Thursday (04/26/2012) pm dawn.A day earlier, Chelsea continued to improve since trained Roberto di Matteo will explore his fate at the Camp Nou.

After Dortmund dipastkan defend his title in the German League, Bayern is likely to be more focused to deal with Madrid. They will do their best to win the big trophy, although there is still a chance also in the German Cup.

The problem is, they conceded a goal in Munich, and Madrid was recently accomplished something this season that they could not do: win El Clasico. Saturday Cristiano Ronaldo et al. managed to beat Barca 2-1 in Catalan.

With a very high morale, plus they are very good at this season, Madrid will make FC Hollywood to spend his best.

Similar to Bayern, Chelsea will not automatically favored strolled into the final despite winning the first leg. Barca is Barca, and is home to Camp Nou. Even losing twice in a row, from Chelsea and Real Madrid in La Liga, but Barca have never lost three times in a row since January 2003!

Di Matteo might “need” Jose Mourinho calling to ask the secret to beat Barca last night. And Mourinho is likely to be happy to tell, because he would have preferred to see his old team in the final, rather than diving again El Clasico at the top of the party of Europe.

So, who the two teams that will be planted on the grass in Allianz Arena on May 21 next? Is the England team, two representatives of Spain, or the owner of the stadium?

Schedule Champions League semi-final second leg:

Wednesday (25/04/2012) local time:

Barcelona vs Chelsea

Thursday (26/04/2012) local time:

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich


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