Camp Nou Was Friendly to England Club

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Barcelona did not have a good home record in European club competition semi-finals.But Chelsea remain ready to work hard because it required far less friendly to the Camp Nou club from England, because of the new Liverpool can win there.

Barca through to the semi-final second leg of Chelsea’s 0-1 behind on aggregate. The defending champions will host ‘The Blue’ at Camp Nou on Wednesday (25/04/2012) pm dawn.

With the state lagging behind, Barca had no choice but to win. Unfortunately, Barca be noted do not have the nicks a nice in cage within round semifinal European competition.

Reuters noted, from the last seven games at the Camp Nou in the phase, Barca could only make seven goals and only one win. Even so, Barca are unbeaten in 15 home party in the Champions League final.

Chelsea meanwhile have a good record versus Spanish club, unbeaten in his last 14 games. This could be the capital to emulate the achievements of Liverpool, the only English club to beat Barca at home alone in 31 games before this.

The following data and facts Barca versus Chelsea match, as reported by Reuters.



Face to face: 14

Wins: Barcelona 5, Chelsea 5, draw 4

Goals: Barcelona 23, Chelsea 18


Barcelona: Lionel Messi 14, Pedro 4, David Villa 3, Andres

Iniesta 2, Alexis Sanchez 2, Cristian Tello 2, Cesc Fabregas 1, 1 Martin Montoya, Roberto Sergi 1, Xavi 1, goal 2

Chelsea: Didier Drogba 5, Frank Lampard 3, Branislav

Ivanovic 2, Salomon Kalou 2, 2 Juan Mata, Raul Meireles 2,

Ramires 2, Fernando Torres 2, David Luiz 1, John Terry 1

Viewer ever

Barcelona: Lionel Messi / Victor Valdes 10

Chelsea: Petr Cech 11

* Barca have a poor home record in the semi-finals in European club competition, making only two goals in seven games in the last phase in the Camp Nou and only one win.

* Barca, the first team to appear in five consecutive Champions League semi-final, aiming to get to the fifth in the Champions League final, number eight in the Champions Cup / Champions League, and to-18 in the three main European club competitions.

* If Barca lose, it would be a defeat to-100 in the match of the 466 party for him in Europe.

* Barcelona are unbeaten in 15 home party in the Champions League final, with 13 of them could win the game. In that period only AC Milan and Real Madrid who could steal a draw.

* Barca just swallowed two defeats from 31 games home against clubs from England, both in the hands of Liverpool. Barca lost 0-1 to Liverpool in the UEFA Cup semi-final and 1-2 in the Champions League knockout round 2007.

* Messi, who has to make a new record for goals in the Champions League with 14 goals in one season, the difficulty score against English clubs. Of the 16 meetings, Messi could only make a goal in three games in between, although it includes goals against Manchester United in the Champions League final in 2009 and against Arsenal in the Champions League quarter 2010.

* Barca coach Pep Guardiola has a pretty good record against English clubs. 0-1 defeat in a visit to the new Chelsea headquarters to defeat both of England’s nine-game opponent, while sitting in coach seats. During play, he only lost once in eight meetings versus the English Premier League club.

* Chelsea have a remarkable record versus the Spanish club and is now unbeaten in the last 14 meetings, all in the Champions League. Since the bent Barca 1-2 at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League knockout phase of 2006, Chelsea have never lost more than the Spanish.

* Chelsea have scored one goal in their last six away games in the Champions League and only one failed to make a goal in his last 14 trips, while Olympique Marseille lost 0-1 in the group stage last season.

* Chelsea, playing his sixth Champions League semi-final in nine years, both in the final aim of this event. Total, it will be his fourth final in European club competition.

* Chelsea only made it three goals in 11 away games in the semifinals of the European competition that they played, winning only one that when faced with Manchester City in the Cup Winners Cup in 1971. Of these, Chelsea lost eight games in between.

* Chelsea have a good record in the land of Spain, where they have not tasted defeat of his last seven trips.

* Didier Drogba scored against Barca in the first leg is for her 38th goal in the Champions League with Chelsea and Olympique


* Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo has won four Champions League victory since replacing Andre Villas-Boas.


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