Micke’s Own Words – Rodeo Online Games Review

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This game cracked me up the first couple of times that I played it.  Rodeo is a bull riding game written by Mark Vertegaal of coldtomatoes.com.  The object is to stay on top of the bull for as long as you can.

Though the actual game doesn’t have many graphics whatsoever, it’s still pretty decent.  The rider will sway in the direction that your mouse is. Other than that, the only animation is the bull.  The opening screen has a very nice silhouette of a bull and its rider.

Since the game only consists of the one screen, there isn’t much room for sounds, but the sounds that are installed work perfectly.  The sounds have a western-style theme to them.  It’s the kind of theme that I’d like to think takes me back to the old John Wayne and Bonanza films.

The game play is probably the best idea for a top-view rodeo game.  To start the game, just click the middle of the rider’s hat.  After that, your mouse cursor disappears.  Your job then is to try to picture your mouse cursor being the middle of that guy’s hat.  You want to move the mouse around and keep his hat in the middle of his body for as long as you can.  If you stray too far away he’ll fall off.  You’ll catch a break if the bull decides to wander off into one of the corners.  He may stay there for a while, since his romping path is random, and that will rack up good points and give you a chance to regroup (and possibly reposition your mouse if you are able to pick it up without moving the cursor).  Every 10,000 points it gets a little more difficult to stay on the bull.

Even though it’s only one screen and there’s nothing to do but stay on a bull, it’s one of the few monotonous games that isn’t really that bad.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Sports / Arcade


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