Nightmare Disorder

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Nightmare disorder may relate to the sleeping disorder the difference of the two, in a sleeping disorder a person can hardly go to sleep while nightmare disorder a person while go into sleep but awaking because of a bad dream. Nightmare disorder is also known as a dream anxiety disorder.

Common Symptoms of Nightmare Disorder

If a person has a nightmare disorder he will be experiencing many nightmares. His nightmares more often than not come by the morning. This lead to awakening of the person and from the nightmares he will be discomforted and he will think over and over it and it caused to be feeling alert and conscious. After each bad dream he will hardly go to sleep again, these dreams can be related to his emotional area that can be triggered by an outside force like stress, problems and the like. Nightmare disorder can lead people to a moody condition, feeling irritated and always play as a negative faction.

Major Cause

Though, the cause of nightmare disorder could not be attributed to a single cause but it can be triggered by the hobbit of munching or dining then go sleep especially in the evening. This can be acquired by having other disorders like Psychological disorders or post traumatic stress disorder. Fatigue, illness, back experiences, drug intake for medication, by genes can lead to Nightmare disorder. To avoid in having this kind of this orders, a person should have discipline and open minded who can take stressful situation accordingly. Children are not exempted with this kind of disorder instead they are more susceptible to this because their emotion capacity and strength are not like adult who are stable.


Treating nightmare disorder is possible these include seeing a medical person for he can give good counsel on this problem. Find a rightful person where a nightmare disorder victim might share his or her traumatic and unforgettable experiences. Likewise, nightmare disorder in children can also be treated from side to side by a counselor and management programs. Parents should try to make sure that their child gets regular sleep so that they are not overly fatigued. There are also several homeopathic remedies available designed to reduce anxiety and promote healthy restful sleep. For the most part, the thing parents ought to do is frequently set the child’s mind at rest and hold up their child through the nightmare experiences, as usually the nightmares will lessen as the child matures. Lastly, the thing that a person should do if he have nightmare disorder, he should see an expert like a physician, in which he should ask an advice regarding his problem or about the disorder.


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