Narcissistic Personality Disorder Same

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Are you idealistic sometimes? Well you might have the Narcissistic personality disorder which is a mental condition wherein a person feels puffed up emotions that is characterized by a strong pride and self-centeredness. Due to extreme obsession within self, they forget to extend sensitivity and appreciation to others.

Common Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Although narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by embellishing appreciation to oneself, it has also antagonistic behavior.  A person having narcissistic personality disorder is very reactive to criticism with wrath, embarrassment, or mortification. They take advantage to the weaknesses of other people to achieve personal desires. They have also unwarranted euphoria of self-worth. A person having this is driven by exaggeration of capabilities and accomplishments, a different world of triumph, supremacy, beauty, acumen, or ultimate love. A person with narcissistic personality disorder has very antagonistic attitude towards others, extreme self-importance and mainly selfish ambitions.

Major Cause

Several factors could explain the development of narcissistic personality disorder. Among these are extreme sensitive personality of the person, the parenting upbringing that he or she has, the stimuli that always arouse his/her interests, the people that he or she always talked to, and the kind of environment he or she lives. If the person has overly sensitive reactions to a certain situations without weighing it first may become a habit or symptoms of the disorder. Next, what type of parenting that makes him/her stubborn, arrogant and spoiled child may also trigger the symptoms. How the movies, television and internet affect his behavior towards self and others. Is he or she always talk to his nanny or having an ear to the conversation of an adult people then this could good enough to affect his/her behavior. How about his home, the place he or she lives in, is it so topsy-turvy or diplomatic?  Narcissistic personality disorder is very sensitive disorder that no one could expect.


There are several treatments and medications for the patient. Psychotherapy or also known as talk therapy is a very helpful tool in helping the person to inculcate in his mind the importance of others with more optimistic and sympathetic intention. Condemnation, coercion and aggression should never to be used for it will only aggravate the situation. Gentle words and praises are necessary to affirm his desires but not overly stated for this will only create false belief in him. Narcissistic personality disorder is a disorder in personality and it should be treated personally. It is better that a responsible and knowledgeable person should handle the patient to avoid aggression and depression. The patient may be also placed in scaffolding centers to maximize the treatment and therapy as well as it will be given proper care and attention by the specialists.


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