You don’t need to buy a cookbook! Get recipes free!

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There are recipe blogs, of course. Look at the recipe articles here on Buksia and you can find some good ones.

There are recipe sites all over the place. Some of my favorites to go to are:, RecipeSource, and Recipezaar. You can even store those recipes you like in an online recipe box or just print them out.  CopyKat chat is a great forum for finding recipes to recreate a dish you had in a restaurant.

Those are just a couple places to find free recipes.

Many sites that sell cooking related products such as have sections with recipes. You can even sign up for newsletters with recipes in them.

Websites from companies that make food products usually have recipe sections featuring the products they make.  Land O’ Lakes, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Hellman’s are just a few examples of places to go to get some great recipes.

When you go shopping sometimes you can get lucky and find recipes sitting near a product. Yours free for the taking. If you have a Penzey’s Spices store near you, they have free recipes set out all over the store. If you don’t have one near, go to to the Penzey’s website and order their catalog or find them on the website. You will find many good recipes.

Another way to find them online is to just do a good old fashioned search. Type in what you are looking for, making sure you add recipe at the end. You will get many hits.

And we can’t leave out asking for recipes from friends and family. Most people are glad to share their recipes with you.

Soon you will have more recipes than if you bought several cookbooks. The best part is that they are free.


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