Major Depressive Disorder

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Coping with these is very much needed in order for us to survive. Failure to do so will lead us the destruction of relationship to others or even to our precious soul we dwell in. Concomitant disorder like the major depression disorder is common in all walks of life. The difficulty of handling stress will detach us from the reality and without the implementation of stress management, ending up like an empty vessel will likely to happen. Major depressive disorder is a mental condition wherein a person has dwell in a different kind of world that keeps him out of the scene.

Common Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder

The major symptoms of major depression disorder are delusions and hallucinations. These are characterized by misleading convictions about a place or a person and there are times of sighting or hearing things which does not actually exist. A relative type of psychosis, a person having this has a loss connection to the real world. They have numerous false beliefs about their body or situation that make them depressed and paranoid. They have the beliefs that their time is near because of the cancer or they hear sounds whispering that they don’t deserve to live. Major depressive disorder patients think various superstitions and hallucinations that do not exist.

Major Cause

In most cases, major depressive disorder is mainly inherited through the family or personal history of depression. A lot of causes may attribute to the development of the disorder. These could be from biological, emotional, psychological, behavioral, sociological or anthropological factors. Though the true origination of cause is still unknown, the serious stimulus that causes it is the severe stress. People every now and then are susceptible to stress and some of them fail to manage it because of other factors that make them appendage in handling several problems.


Medical doctors, health and wellness professionals have developed methods and strategies to boost the morale and physical aspect of the patient. They have modification in the process applied in different therapies and improved the formulation of medication to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Major depressive disorder patients should immediately be treated with proper medications.  A serious and major consequence could be happened in a person with untreated disorder. Specifically, antidepressant and antipsychotic medication are applied to the patient to relieve pain and regain relaxation. However, these drugs should not be overly used to avoid substance abuse and the disorder might be resistant anymore to medicines which only waste the resources. Patient with major depressive disorder could undergo electroconvulsive therapy that release pain, nervousness, and paranoia nevertheless it should be tested first to ensure the safety of the patient. A lot of rehabilitation centers that offer special program for this though it is a lot more better if the patient stays with his or her family.


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