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I am writing in Experts column for around 4 months. I joined with this site in January. In fact i started my article writing work in January and Experts column is my first article writing site. After that i joined with wikinut and bukisa. All the sites allow us to republish our articles and we can earn money from them based on the page views. The high light of this sites are they don’t require unique contents, so we can reuse our article in this sites and earn revenue for our work.

I have more than 300 articles in all the sites and received around 7 to 8 payments from Experts column. In my opinion EC is the best place to republish our articles and get a good income based on our page views. This site is having user friendly options and we can create articles easily and share our articles using the book mark options. If we have lot of friends in our social sites it is easy to generate the page views and increase our earnings based on the views.

EC introduced some useful options frequently. Last month they introduced the chat option and lot of users have lot of fun and enjoyment with it. Due to the chat option Expert column frequently gone for offline and maintenance and lot of users suffered while this site is in offline. Now they removed the chat option.

Ec is having a simple look with an unique design.Most of the article writing sites is having their own unique look, EC is one among them. This site got a good popularity in a short period and lot of users using this site and getting benefits from it. The user friendly functions in EC help us to create our articles in a good way, as well as we can edit our article at any time. The only draw back is we don’t have the ability to delete the columns. Some times we may submit the columns twice due to system fault or by mistake, at that time we don’t have the ability to delete our column. Only the admin and moderator have the ability to delete the columns. It will be more useful if admin added the delete option in EC, so that individual users easily delete their unwanted columns with our hesitation.

If you are not yet a member in EC join with me. It is the best place for article writing and we will get good income for our work. Ec is the best article site which shares more revenue with the users based on the page views. All the article writers must join with this site to increase their earnings and shares their articles with others.



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