How to Watch Over 500 Movies a Year

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Ever wish you could watch more movies? Every year thousands of new films make their way into theaters. It seems as if it would take a lifetime just to watch all the trailers. While you may not be able to see every film ever made, you can actually watch a fair share of the good ones. Using the skills of time management for evil, this article has figured out the secret to doing just that.


Step 1. To avoid any lapses in movie watching, you should be adequatly prepared before undertaking this challenge. In order to watch 500 movies you have to have access to 500 movies. Going to Blockbuster or renting online could wind up costing you thousands. If you’re really going to see this many movies you’re going to need a way to access lots of movies very often for very little money. For under ten bucks a month, you can get a Netflix subscription with unlimited instant watching capability. This will allow you to watch movies on your computer instantly. If you’ve got a Netflix ready device you can also use instant watch on your TV. When you’ve got your stockpile set, you’ll be ready to begin.

Step 2. The biggest challenge for most people is finding time to actually watch this many films. When you put it in perspective, it’s actually not that bad – 500 movies a year is less than two a day. Take some shortcuts in your day to make time to watch them. Try waking up a little earlier and going to bed later. If you decide to watch both movies at night, you risk falling asleep or being too tired to even watch, so try waking up extra early to sneak one in before you start your day. While the prospect of waking up even early than you already have to isn’t pleasant to most people, give it a try and see how it works. You’d be surprised how easy it is to wake up when you know you don’t have to be anywhere for a few hours and you get to watch a movie first thing. Another way to sneak in more film is to watch a movie while you’re eating. Most people spend nearly an hour and a half a day eating – there’s a full film right there!


Step 3. Do movie marathons. You don’t have to watch exactly two movies every day. Last summer I had nothing to done one day, so a friend and I watch all ten Friday the 13th films back to back! That’s nearly a week’s worth of movie watching in one day. Find a franchise you’ve never seen and watch them all in one viewing. The key to getting through a marathon is not taking breaks. You’re dedicating most or all of your day to movie watching, so be ready! Have food there, have the time set aside…don’t let anything distract you from getting to the end of the marathon. Invite some people over and have fun with it.


Step 4. Find new movies. The second biggest challenge is actually finding 500 films you want to see. Luckily there’s plenty of ways to find new films. Once you’ve stumbled onto a particular director you like, see if you can watch every last one of their films. Is there an actor you’ve always liked? Find their best films. Listen to free film podcasts and follow along with what’s featured on the show. Podcasts are a great way to learn more about the films you watch and find new ones you might like. Browse through the AFI and IMDB Top 100. When people suggest films, write them down or put them in your phone so you’ll remember them. Look up your favorite movies on Wikipedia and see what inspired them. With a bit of searching, you’ll have hundreds of new films you’d like to see.


Step 5. Make a habit. Start a reoccurring movie night. Maybe aside from your own personal viewing, you invite friends over every Thursday night to watch genre of film. Maybe every Monday you do Pizza and John Waters. Every Friday you could pass by your local Redbox and see two movies that came out that week – it doesn’t matter how bad you think they look, just try them! If you keep current with movies like that you’ll actually find a lot of surprises.


Step 6. Mix it up. You don’t even want moviegoing to become a chore, so avoid monotony. See a movie at a friend’s house. See what’s new at theaters. Try going to a drive-in or one of the classic theaters in the city. Watch a 3D movie and see what you think. Watch a movie on your iPhone on the bus or train. Just continue challenging yourself and you won’t be able to stop.

Additional Tips

  • Be prepared to see anything. Have a open mind.
  • Watch less TV. It takes up a lot of your time and let’s be honest: there’s basically a 1:1000 good to bad ratio on television.
  • Keep track of the movies you watch. Write down the date, title, director and year of the film. Make a note of who you saw it with. 500 films is a lot of films; this list will really help you remember what you watched.
  • While films are meant to be viewed in one sitting, you an watch a film in two or three sittings depending on your schedule. Even if you have to stop watching and finish later, it’s certainly better than never seeing a film at all.
  • I made a crack about eating pizza and John Waters earlier in this article. Don’t actually eat while you’re watching John Waters movies.
  • Many people will tell you that watching a movie on an iPod, with 3D glasses, or 20 minutes at a time is somehow wrong. They’re probably right, but don’t be afraid to try anyways. Maybe you’ll find something enjoyable about dubbed movies over subtitled. Maybe you really didn’t need to watch the first one before you saw the sequel.

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