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The last couple of decades has seen a big change in how movies are made in Bollywood. From producing commercial novels for serious films, with the expression of different issues that plague the world and have become Indiain specific features of the Indian films of the 21 st century. There was a complete revolution in the techniques, themes, topics and ideas that underlie the film. The latest Bollywood movies and upcoming releases sufficient to reflect this change of ideas.

The distinction between mainstream cinema and parallel trade out of the cinema box has become so confused that the producers have become increasingly safer to invest in films that tell a unique story. The latest Bollywood movies have great stories, editing, direction and cinematography. New emerging talent in every field be it actors, directors, singers, producers, etc. are not reluctant to try new and challenging ideas. This new generation is ready to experiment and produce films that can blow out the spectator’s hats. They are showing their credibility, spreading awareness and influence a wide audience through the medium of their revolutionary film. Producers and directors have recognized the value of movie trailers to bring audiences into theaters.

Many of the recently released movies such Udaan, Wednesday and Aarakshan to tell the story of an individual of the middle class and the power of an ordinary citizen. They deal with the conflict of man with the common people of high class, corrupt ministers, social injustice and global terrorism.

Another big change was noticed in the field of special effects, the use of technology and the production of films that are visually appealing. Films like Drona, Ra.1 and Krrish test the ability of Indians to produce such high visual effects films that were previously only seen inHollywood. Animated film My Friend Ganesha have also made enormous U.S. dollars at the box office, suggesting their viability to Indian audiences.

The wave of remakes has taken Bollywood by a torrent with the producers trying to remake old Bollywood films as well as the best remake of Western cinema. A classic example of this is the latest version of Don, which is a remake of the blockbuster movie of Amitabh Bachchan 70’s with the same title.

There was also a growing trend of greater sensuality in films like Fashion, Love, Sex aur Dhoka, Murder etc. to promote the urban metropolitan viewers. Scenes of cheese in these films often generate much fanfare and controversy, and movie trailers have been enormously successful in attracting audiences in theaters.

There are a huge number of films are produced each year in line with new releases every Friday. Each production company is interested in producing and co-production of films simultaneously.

There is no place, where the popularity of Bollywood has left no mark. Indians scattered all over the world, as well as foreigners are fascinated by the Bollywood flavor offering. Bollywood is growing at a fast pace with increasing overseas prints and funnels into overseas markets and may soon come into line with Hollywood.


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