Promote Your Bukisa Articles and Increase SEO Using Flickr

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The internet is littered with information about Search Engine Optimization. Everyone wants to get their projects, websites, and articles to the top of search engines to help increase traffic. While there are much more effective methods of SEO, here’s one for thinking outside the box – You can use the built in popularity of to launch yourself to the top of search engines! This article will use Bukisa articles as an example, but this method will work on a variety of content. The best thing about this kind of search engine optimization is that it only benefits high quality articles! No cheating here; if you’ve got quick, cheap, photo-less articles you’d better run along.


Step 1. Go to and click Create Your Account. Type in your yahoo ID or signup for an a new Yahoo account. Assuming that you’ll be promoting your Bukisa articles, set your Flickr ID to your Bukisa ID. This is going to help search engines organize and tag your content.

Step 2. Set up your profile, just as you did on Bukisa. To make the association easier, use a similar (or even the exact same) icon as on Bukisa. We’re not only worried about SEO here, but also the human element. An icon is an easy way for people to remember you, and mentally attach you as a writer with the content they’re browsing through. While you’re filling out your profile information, also take the time to set your Flickr URL to where ID is your Bukisa ID. This is another quick way to make your Flickr more search engine friendly.


Step 3. Here’s our key step. If you’ve been taking quality photos for your articles, you should have some fun with this part. Head over to the upload page, and upload the photos you took for Bukisa articles. One of the long time downfalls of Bukisa is that it compresses and shrinks photos – here you can upload nice, large, high quality versions of those photos. Flickr has very high search engine visibility, so hosting your photos here will help ensure a traveling Googler stumbles across them.

Step 4. After you upload the photos, you’ll be asked to add information. This step is also crucial – if there’s all these great pictures on here and no information, no one will come back to your articles. Change the title of your photo to your article, group photos about the same article together, etc. The most thing here is to add the URL of the article the picture is for. You can quite simply type “A photo I took for the article HOW TO DO which you can read at URL.” Some extra information in the description will also help search engines organize your photos.


Step 5. Add keywords to every photo. Some necessary ones might include Bukisa, how to, diy, do it yourself, etc. More importantly, add keywords for what is in the picture! Here we have some pictures of tofu. I want someone searching for tofu to find my pictures. The person searching is naturally interested in tofu, so when they pull up the picture they’ll see that there’s a fantastic how to article about tofu they might just be interested in as well. I can’t emphasize the keywords enough, tag the crap out of these photos.

Step 6. Step back and look at your Flickr page. Is it a good representation of what you’ve written articles about? Is there a good mixtures of photos? If you find you have a lot of Bukisa articles but not a lot of photos, you should consider taking more. People like photos! Pictures help walk people through steps. Pictures make them feel like they’re doing the right thing at the right time.


Additional Tips

  • Attractive photos are a plus, but your photos don’t have to be incredible! Sometimes people just need to grab a quick picture of the inside of a device, the back of a refrigerator, a macro shot of how to tie a knot, etc. The idea is that they’ll run a search for such a photo, and discover there’s a How to Article that might interest them as well.
  • Do your photos suck? You’re on Bukisa! Find out how to make your photos look better! Here’s a hint: the writer of this article may just have some articles on that very subject.
  • If you have compatible software, increase your visibility even more by adding metadata. Set the source to your Bukisa article url. Set the description to your URL and article title. Add keywords!
  • Consider a loose copyright for your photos. Far more people will come across your photos if they’re hunting for pictures to use on their own sites, and you can allow them to use your photos under they condition they mention and link to your articles!

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