The Natural And Practical Ways to Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

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The natural and practical ways to Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

By Leonard Kiprotich Koech

Currently, a healthy lifestyle for many people around the world was difficult, and although many are trying so much to avoid the various free radical departure is needed to find the best preventive measures that are available. Natural ways to lower your cholesterol without medication was called by many experts in the field of public health in relation to their practical nature, among other benefits. However, the level of cholesterol that the wax product that exists in the human body mainly in the blood streams and the cells it is produced by the human body after digestion and absorption of food.

These products are needed by the body, but not huge amounts needed, therefore, necessary to reduce them to reduce the associated side effects. The high level density lipoproteins can lead to the creation of a memorial plaque in the arteries and, consequently, can lead to heart attacks. Ways to reduce their level of need as much attention, because the costs and expenses must be proportionate for them to rely on. Prevention and control measures are always constant, hence the need to bring them into compliance.

Products of animal origin are common ways that affect the amount of cholesterol and, therefore, users need to manage them by reducing their consumption. These foods include meat, butter, cheese, milk and poultry, and others. Calories should be limited in number from twenty to thirty-five percent of the meal. In addition, saturated fats should not fall below seven percent, because it makes the body produce more cholesterol.

Another way is to increase the fiber through the use of products such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits. All of these products however, help the body by reducing the absorption of that waxy substance in human blood. About twenty-five to thirty grams of protein needed per day for adults, however, sufficient water is necessary in order to prevent cases of constipation.

Consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids should be increased by the use of walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, to reduce the level of the wax products. These nuts should be low in sugar, and users should make sure that they are not covered by any salt, because they have high levels of calories. However, one serving a day is recommended that a handful.

Increasing dietary antioxidants may be needed to help reduce the production of cholesterol in the body. Olive oil is recommended to replace the use of fat and about two teaspoons would be helpful for the heart. In addition, the plant sterol found in foods such as orange juice, margarine, yogurt drinks proven to help lead a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to improving diet, there are other methods that are good, when the blood cholesterol level should be under control. Exercises should be more during the day, however, from thirty to sixty minutes is recommended around so that it helps to reduce the wax substances are absorbed into the blood.

Smoking is a habit that must be stopped in order to ensure the functioning of the brain to go on it will also reduce the amount of oat bran. Finally, yet another brilliant way to lower cholesterol without medication is the use of spices on the use of cinnamon, garlic, and chili. With all these measures, healthy and never will be missed


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