Micke’s Own Words – Bullseye! Online Game Review

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bullseye.jpg 501 is a classic darts game that has been played for hundreds of years.  It’s not always easy to locate a decent Flash game of darts, as they usually have some kind of odd way about how the shot is to be thrown, usually quite inaccurate.  Bullseye! isn’t too far off in how a good dart game should be created.  The object of the game is to clear out 501 points in the least amount of throws possible, including a bullseye and a double.  Unfortunately the creator’s website (johntear.com) no longer exists.

There isn’t much to say about graphics when it comes to darts, either, because it’s not all that difficult to duplicate a dart board. But John Tear did a terrific job with his, even copying the metal ring around the board on which the numbers are welded.  The darts use the same animation no matter how high or low they are thrown, but it’s still a good animation nonetheless and you can always see where it has landed.

The sound, however, isn’t the greatest.  The only noise is the dart hitting the board, but it doesn’t really sound like a dart hitting a board.  I believe this sound was used because it imitates something being stuck into something else as you would imagine  it in your head.  In this game, though, it doesn’t really matter.  All you really want to know is where the dart landed.

The game play is very simple.  There is a blue button at the top right corner of the dart board.  Horizontal and vertical slider lines are placed at the top and right of the button.  First the horizontal bar will slide back and forth until you press the blue button.  Then the vertical slider will do the same.  After stopping the vertical button, the dart will be thrown and follow its course in the air until it lands on the board where the vertical and horizontal sliders have been stopped.  It was particularly helpful that John Tear made the button round and placed these sliders around it just right, so that you can use the button as a guideline.

Even with the guideline button, it’s still a challenge.  It doesn’t have to be extraordinarily fancy to work.  This one works.

Game type: Flash

Genre: Sports

Micke’s Rating: mickehead.gifmickehead.gifmickehead.gifmickehalf.gifmickeblank.gif


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