Things You Do To Make Your Significant Other Happy

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Things You Do To Make Your Significant Other Happy

Well first things first, wives want to make their husband happy by doing the things that pleases him. I have made a simple list for you to check and see which one works best for you.

1.)    Cook his favorite food – It is true that the nearest way to your man’s heart is his stomach.  Prepare something with delight as for his favorite food, desserts or sweet that will make him go gaga over you.

2.)    Clean the house- We do know that cleanliness is next to Godliness. But a good and organized home maker keeps her vicinity clean and dust free.  If your house is serene and calming, there’s no reason for your husband to leave the place in exchange for a basketball game with friends. Those scented sprays, candles and soaps will be handy to use.  Always keep the room properly ventilated specially during summer season, where humidity is nigh.

3.)    Massage him- Yes, you got it right. Learn how to massage so that you will be able to give your husband a Shiatsu, Thai, or Reflex at the comfort of your home. What is important here is that you release his tension from work, and it is a good bonding time for you and hubby.

4.)    Play along with him- Be it a scrabble, computer games, uno or any other card games. It is fun to spend a day playing with your loved one specially if you are winning, lol!

5.)    Watch movie and cuddle- It is much more romantic if you are inside your room and nobody is disturbing you. While watching, don’t just be a stone there, hug or cuddle your husband and make sure he is also enjoying what you are watching. If he likes action movies, just for once give chance for him to watch it and skip the drama scene that you like most.

6.)    Crack a Joke- Don’t spend a day without making him laugh. You better have a good sense of humor to improve not only your personality, but you are also making your spouse happy.

7.)    Say I Love You and Mean It- Look to his eyes and kiss him. I know it’s mushy and some guys find it weird. But when you say I love you before he goes to work is very important in keeping the relationship sweet and lasting.

There are lots of things to add here. I hope I could find time to write the rest and share it here again. Hope you find this article at least fun and easy to apply.


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