Agile Development Process – Kaizen Process

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1. Choose facilitator; prep for meeting

1. Have people put in their hours for the day.
2. Print out Task Kaizen Summary and highlight tasks that went over or under.
3. Clean off whiteboard
4. Put Prime Directive Prime Directive on the whiteboard.
5. Draw calendar on the whiteboard.
6. Make sure all supplies are ready
7. Find old Kaizen Cards and put stickies on them.

2. Set the stage

1. Set time frame for meeting
2. make sure everyone agrees to the Prime Directive.
3. Review process
4. Everyone say one word that summarizes the last week

3. Collect data

1. Print simplified spreadsheet of the prior week’s progress
2. Make a calendar to refresh memory of the week’s goings-on
3. Review tasks from last meeting
4. Brainstorm / collect all love/hate/defects/kaizen for discussion

4. Prioiritize

1. Everyone gets five votes
2. Ranks card from most to fewest votes
3. Discard anything that didn’t get at least one vote

5. Generate insights (for each card)

1. Discuss why its a problem and the root cause of why this happened
2. Generate actions that can be taken
3. Write task on separate task sticky

6. Decide what to do

1. Have people sign up for actions and make tasks
2. Discard any task that didn’t get a vote

7. Close meeting

1. Determine which project to bill the Kaizen to
2. Get quick feedback on the kaizen
3. Make sure tasks are somewhere visible for the next week.


* beer
* bottle opener
* big whiteboard or at least big stickies
* big sticky or whiteboard for recording final tasks/ideas.
* whiteboard markers or sharpies
* cards
* med stickies
* small stickies
* pens
* timer
* tape


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