Is Love Overrated ??

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We have all been in love at some point during our lives, but have we really thought about what it means to truly share a lifetime with someone. Has anyone ever warned us of the annoying habits one has to put up with, the frustration and even sometimes the thought of having to control the fact that one day we will be on our own. No-one derives a handbook and hands it to us when we are dating, no-one explains or voices out that love is simply overrated in the movies and the process of loving someone and having a relationship with them is more complicated that it would be if you were going to have a one-night stand. What is it that makes humans long for the contact?

Young girls dream of fairytale weddings, a family that has no mistakes and a home set in the subarbs. Teenagers dream of gorgeous partners to share those lonely nights and then as we grow up and the time before us moves quicker than the hands on a clock we dream of an ideal husband with a decent income and babies!! 

Do you believe in eternal love and soulmates?? What does love mean to you? Of course, there are many types of love and after dating someone for six months the honeymoon period is over, and you start to familiarize yourself with the other persons life and habits. After that it’s down to you, the more you give the more you get back. 

People date, people have many types of relationships, people love, people hurt, people get divorced and it’s happening more and more. Even now i personally only know a small percentage of couples that have been together since the day they got married and have stayed that way. Over the years as we change, the marriage changes and priorities change. Love and marriage is something that each person has to individually conquer, we have to asess the needs we each have and give with consideration and care. However many problems you come across you cannot let it break you down. However it is not easy, we are under the influence all the time from the media, films are being produced which create a serenity and peacefulness within a relationship, music is produced with the same thought and also produced with the thought that sex is something we simly ‘do’. This maybe so but to be able to have a closeness with somebody as intimate as that, there has to be an amount of love or care involved. 

Throughout the years, we change, we grow and we make mistakes, even the people that we love. We learn to accept that and grow with them. After a long-term relationship we have to be prepared to be best friends, with that you may lose some of the passion and excitement, but rather than an open fire it’s more a candlelight that is there. On the other hand these precious moments that you share with somebody are yours alone, these make even the darkest day seem sunny. Love has been made into something too materialistic over the years, our westernized culture and proved that the value has been lost. Love comes from within and even if soulmates do exist we tend to give up too easily, we find something, use it and find the grass is greener on the other side. Yet when it is gone we long to fill the empty space it has left and so will continue the cycle. I wish to have a long, happy marriage and even though it is terrifically hard and at times too easy, for me it is the same as riding a bike and once you get the hang of it you simply cannot forget how. 

Look for advice and look within, if it’s too good to be true, let it be, if not then do something about it. Love is simply what we make it, don’t have expectations and don’t excpect what you cannot recieve. Every day think how lucky you truly are and make sure your partner knows. Do something kind or say something kind every day, offer support and be there, don’t simply give up because you know there will be somebody else. 

Love is simply something that is alive in everyone and we cannot deny its existence – whicever shape or form it comes in, accept it and treasure it however underrated or overrated it may be; it is yours to keep. 


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