Diet For Diabetics Principle

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The project must be diabetes, and the warmth of his weight and needs of energy consumption.
– A normal-weight diabetic condition mentioned above.
– Diabetes need less normal weight.
This program is for a single physician who designed the suits for each patient depending on age, physical activity, weight and form of diabetes.
It is generally accepted that the diet for diabetics, the program contains general rules:
– 20% of calories from protein,
– 40 percent of calories from fat.
– 40% of carbohydrate calories.
100 grams of protein and carbohydrates each provide 400 calories 900 calories 100 g fat photo.

Create a rational system, it is necessary, the content of their main ingredients in foods, especially carbohydrates helps to fight tirelessly against the monotony of the diet know. In practice, I fall into seven categories, which contradicts the one could believe what they are not interchangeable, because in addition to the carbohydrates they contain pre-formed in unequal amounts, they provide trace elements, minerals, vitamins in a balanced diet involved. It is recommended that potatoes and other starchy foods, fruits, green vegetables, other fruits and vegetables for a more comprehensive and rational to replace: We must not forget that the calculation of the daily ration should be considered for drinks.

The seven major categories of diets for diabetics

Milk products, cheese, and they offer a thick body with protein and calcium, and vitamins needed by the body and, above all, fresh milk can be replaced with yogurt. 100 ml of milk and yogurt equivalent to a basket.
Meat, fish, eggs, and they are the main source of protein, but they also contain significant amounts of lipids.
Bread, cereals, potatoes, and they provide substantial amounts of carbohydrates, starch and minerals.
Total non-starchy vegetables, rich and poor in carbohydrates, they are important because they provide the cellulose and vitamins and minerals.
The fruits are also rich in vitamins and minerals, and carbohydrate content varies widely in citrus fruits. have a high water content of 10% and dried fruit, or a value greater than 50%. Also note that fructose is not as potato.
Fat and animals and plants from different backgrounds, they are fat.

Sugar should be ruled out that the normal diet of the diabetic is entrusted to a state of emergency, if you feel uncomfortable to be hypoglycemic.

Schematic representation of the diabetic diet
In practice, there are three types of food for diabetes
a) It is low in carbohydrates (5%) can be eaten freely
All types of meat.
Fish and shellfish in
Eggs, cheese and fats (free, but moderately.)
A number of vegetables and asparagus eggplant and celery and red and white cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, endive, cucumber, watercress, endive and zucchini, spinach and lettuce, endive and peppers tomatoes, corn salad, a side of chard, radishes on.
The number of grapefruit and orange fruit, melon and watermelon, and tangerine, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry in
b) food grade point average carbohydrate (10-20%), what the costs will be monitored
Fresh milk, yogurt.
Fresh vegetables: beets, carrots, radishes and Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi, salsify and turnips and artichokes, peas, artichokes, beans and potatoes.
Fruit, apricot, pineapple, pear, apple, cherry, plum, plum.
White bread and whole grain products, pasta, rice, semolina, bread.
c) a type
Overall, bananas, grapes, figs, brown or chestnut, date, and dry and dried fruit, candied fruits and canned
A total of dessert: sugar and sweets, candies, chocolate, nougat, fruit jelly, jam, honey, cakes, gingerbread, sweetened condensed milk
Votes aperitifs, spirits, sweet wine, sweetened cider, beer, spirits, mineral water, beer, soft drinks, Coca-Cola syrup, fruit juice market.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that food and therefore absorb all carbohydrates within 24 hours on your diet for diabetics, should be properly distributed throughout the day. Distribution will be different for patients treated for eating.
Mode, which only
The sulfonylureas (they are easily satisfied with three meals a day)
Insulin (these patients may have an interest in the 4-5 days after meals, when their employee).
Insulin therapy, lead to the development of the distribution of meals during the day, and diabetes.
In general, the effect is as follows:
(1) breakfast.
2-filled afternoon with food,
3 lighter meal in the evening, perhaps a light snack in 16 hours.
To help you, your plan, your pharmacist needs to know the daily intake of calories and carbohydrates that you are assigned, so that we can not give the menu the type of proposals, but in every other case, that the diet for diabetics .


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