How to Get Your Digg Article to the Front Page

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People are always complaining that Digg is fixed, and that the long time users are the only ones who can make it to the front page. Others will tell you that only articles about Apple, Linux, etc will ever get there. The reality is that in less than a week, you can become a power Digg user and start getting your articles to the front page.


Step 1. Head over to Digg and make a new account (if you don’t have one already). As you go through these steps, keep in mind that exposure is KEY. You want to make sure people know who you are and remember your name. Pick a username people can recognize easily, and a memorable picture. A photo of you will work, but something more icon will stick in people’s minds. The goal here is that people will spot you as you go around the site leaving your little icon. We want people to see the icon in the comments, in the stories, etc. Fill out your full profile while you’re at it. Let people know about you, and how to contact you.

Step 2. Digg things. Stuff on front page is fine, but what you really want to Digg is upcoming stories. The earlier you digg a story, the better a chance you have at getting noticed. Digg stuff you think will make it to the front page. Comment on the articles. Upcoming stuff has way fewer comments than stuff that has hit the front page. Make some good comments on all the articles you digg. That way people when it hits the front page, your happy little icon will be right up there and you’ll get even more exposure.


Step 3. Make friends. This is where all that exposure comes into play. The people who’s upcoming articles you digg and comment on? Add them as friends and digg their stuff often. They’ll likely add you back. Check the list of users who’ve befriended you and befriend them often as well. Add users who digg things in your favorite categories. Basically, add users who are most likely to digg your upcoming stories. This is the real trick to getting your stuff on the front page. You need to keep a close eye on these friends. Delete the stragglers. After a few days of not being added back, remove those friends.

Step 4. Start adding new stories. While people will tell you a story has to have Kevin Rose, Obama and Microsoft bashing to make it to the front page, that’s not necessarily the case. At first, while we’re still thinking about exposure, these are good stories to digg. Head over to some news sites and submit the stories you think the Digg audience would like. If you’ve followed these steps, you should be ready to get some stories to the front page. When your stories get there, even more people will befriend you.


Step 5. Add your own stories. After a week of the above four steps, you should have ten billion loyal followers. Submit the stories you really want to see on the front page, and shout them to your friends. Post them on your blog. Twitter them, add them to facebook, do everything you can to get people to Digg them. Not every story has the capacity to make it to the front page, but if you’ve tweaked the story right and it has some actual substance, it’ll be there in no time.

Additional Tips

  • Digg every day.
  • Digg several times a day.
  • Digg upcoming articles.
  • Digg your Bukisa articles!
  • Don’t try to cheat. Seriously. If you digg from multiple accounts, you’ll get banned. If you submit spam, you’ll get banned and the site will get banned. Digg’s got a really smart algorithm and a lot of safeguards in place. Even if you did get spam to the front page, it would get buried instantly. Just use the site as it’s mean to be used.

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