Between Career Development And Employee Productivity

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When starting a step into the world of work, maybe we would imagine a career smoothly. But the fact das Solen (expectations) and das Sein (reality) is not always coincided. Not a few large and small companies are less concerned and somewhat ignore the career employees. Impact, employees were given a choice take it or leave it. Do employees want to stay or move to another company a more promising career?
In the traditional approach, a person who joins a company is only required to work hard, do well, loyal, and committed. The result he would get a satisfactory compensation, safety, as well as a good career. Although it’s not always the case. Many factors affect the way a person’s career and career development.
In a very tight business competition, companies are required to obtain labor or human resources (HR) is superior. But without being able to obtain and retain employees to manage it will only get blurred. Employees will find a place that not only promises better salaries but also a career that is perhaps more clear and brilliant.
Career is a necessity that should grow in a person workforce, so as to encourage the willingness of its work. Finally, performance can be achieved. And of course many factors that drive a person’s career as intellectual factors, job skills, and emotional maturity. Influences of emotional maturity, because according to Tb. Sjafri Mangkuprawira, Professor of IPB and human observers, the ability to control certain emotions are stable according to the developmental age.
These capabilities include how people respond or react to certain phenomena. For example, when faced with internal conflict in work teams. Where each individual employee working in a system that has the characteristics of social interaction. Therefore, each employee must be able to control his emotions to create, develop, and maintain a compact team work.
Each individual employee is actually entitled to have the opportunity to develop his career. Despite the fact that there are employees who late in his career, stagnant, or stuck. Cause, because there is something wrong in the performance appraisal system and could also be a discrimination in the company, ie a factor of subjectivity from his superiors. But in companies with a reliable system of career, perhaps the cause is coming from the individual concerned. For example, individuals who are incompetent or unwilling to develop.
In a company, business development career usually comes from the management company. The goal is to see the potential beyond the current work and to prepare themselves for the job in the future within the organization. In summary, for an organization or company, career development will indeed be very significant and affect the quality of human resources.
In several other companies, career development is not always determined by the company. But it could also by the employee. Companies only provide some funds earmarked for employee career development and career development employees are free to choose what she wants. For example, if he would follow language courses, personal development training, competence or training? Of course according to the needs of the individual concerned.
For companies, there are some things you can do in developing the careers of employees. First, do the mapping, that is find out exactly what the company needed at this time and in the future. With proper mapping, the company can decide what to do. For example, the requirement is that information technology is more reliable. It can be done up-grade the information technology (IT) employees.
Second, recognize the talents and interests are on staff. It certainly made for the development of the employees are not redundant. When the development of the IT field will be done, can be prioritized first employee or employees who are gifted in the field of IT or IT divisions.
Third, adjust to the trend. It’s certainly better. If the current trend is an employee or employees must have good foreign language skills, while the company is still a lot of employees with foreign language skills are poor, then the career development can be directed to follow the trend.
Fourth, provide some choice. Employees remain fully responsible for the development of his career. Companies can offer employees the option to consider, instead of ordering him to follow a particular option. This is important, though sometimes difficult.
Five, to design a joint action for the company as well as for employees. By the way, with the preparation of a plan of action will increase the commitment of both parties to the plan. Management can help employees identify barriers for each pathway, and discuss ways to overcome these obstacles.
Indeed, as long as it’s the only way that career development is little known up to the top (promotion). When in fact there are five other ways that could be considered employees in the career. For example, what is called a lateral move. Under these circumstances, employees make a change in employment, but not necessarily require a change in the level of responsibility.
In addition, exploration and job enrichment. This step is necessary so that employees more opportunities to learn and grow. Another thing you can do is do the rearrangement of employees or adjust the work with other priorities, or to prepare employees for the rest.
If all things are not well suited, employees must take the most extreme and relocate or leave the company because it might not work according to the abilities, interests, or shared values.
Career development by the company will not be successful without being followed by a strong desire within the individual to continue to grow. Therefore, employees need to do some thing like always perform self-evaluation, especially concerning the personal intrinsic factors that affect performance. The aim employees will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses in particular about the maturity of her emotions, for example.
Additionally, individuals are also required to be self-aware. For example, increasing knowledge about the job or related to his work. For example, with a lot of reading and learning.
Core competencies also need to be maintained existence. Competence is perhaps what distinguishes a person different from other employees. This should be an area for further work so hard to be the best. Core competencies also need to be updated with developments in technology and competition in order not to miss.
Then, should an individual’s career development road map? Certainly necessary. For employees, the general plan for individual career development during the life cycle as a worker, a lot of benefits. For example, what are the expected outputs career within a certain time and what steps should be performed.
In the theory of human resource management, career is not merely positioned as the rights of individual employees but also the right company. This means that with a good career path and employee achievement, expected the company also will get more benefits. For example, a better profit.
Because of the common interest, both sides must stand shoulder to shoulder to create a proper career development system. Employees benefit from a clear career, and the company will gain tremendous benefits by increasing employee productivity. If it is able to be realized, a loyal and dedicated employees, the company is no longer difficult to obtain. Are you prepared to meet the career development of employees is better?


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