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Some people is having inferiority complex due to their work. If a person is doing a work with low payment and his friend is having a work with highest salary, surely he will get an inferiority complex and think both of them are studied in the same place and same institute, but s/he earning a good income and my earning is very low compared with him/her. We must avoid this kind of complex and jealous. 

Don’t think you are doing a silly work and your friend is doing a same work. You have the ability to achieve a lot in your work based on your skills and talent. No work is lower as well as no work is higher. All the work is having equal importance. May be some jobs will pay a higher income, but we have the ability to increase our earnings based on our activities, hard work and efforts.

Whatever our work is, if we do our work with our full interest as well as give our utter most in our work, we can achieve a lot in our field and earn a good income based on our activity. Also we can find some new things and updates in our work based on our interest. Day by day updates are coming in every field, why don’t you think about an update in your field? Don’t think your job is a normal one, you have the ability to turn a normal job in to a great one with your skills.

All the greatest and highest paying jobs are in the beginning stage once up on a time and getting value due to the hard work of the employers and employees. We can achieve a lot in our normal job and change it to a greatest one based on our interest and activity. 

Get pride with your job and try your maximum to achieve some thing in your job. Don’t worry about your job and get satisfaction with the job whatever you have and set goals in your job to achieve a lot and get benefits with it. Each and every job is having its unique importance. Find your job’s uniqueness and give importance to it to update it based on your skills.


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