Cut The Rope Android Game

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Cut The Rope is a puzzle game genre that since October 4, 2010 and then developed for IOS-based devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch. Countless success diraihkan rated first, make Cut The Rope and well developed for Android-based devices by June 2011 then.

Cut The Rope game more or less armed with a simple mission of providing candy that is attached to one or several pieces of rope to the ‘Om Nom’, the main character in the game this time, by cutting the ropes quickly and appropriately, of course. The more elevated the level of difficulty of cutting the rope is played even more diverse. At least it takes diligence and a bit of logic to start a rope which should be cut first.

Unfortunately, the Android Market Cut The Rope game is one game that apparently no one paid and Lite editions for free version. So for those who want to try, please on the official site hunting to get it legal.

Cut The Rope can be an addictive game or make users addicted because of the visual gamesnya bright and attractive, and when compared with the Angry Bird Rio on Android devices, there is almost no lag or pause in the process of change between levels. I myself now have entered the third level, Foil Box.

Each level the game Cut The Rope, presenting each of 25 levels are absolutely resolved to go up to the next level. There are countless Level 7 ready to play on Cut The Rope that I get. Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box, Magic Box, Valentine Box, Gift Box and Cosmix Box. To be able to play the whole level of collecting user absolute star in every level of play perfectly.

Like the Angry Bird, so much fun the game Cut The Rope are now already made a ‘Clone’ version of its PC. In this version of the character ‘Om Nom’ that was the main character in the game Cut The Rope original, replaced with Panda characters with the same mission. However, to be able to play this big screen version, users absolutely require an Internet connection alias online, and wait about 1 minute long that the game is ready for use.


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