How to install crown molding the easy way.

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1 Decide what size crown molding you want

2 First paint your Conner boxes and let them dry then Take and install the Conner boxes in all four Conner’s of the room with liquid nails or in some cases the Conner boxes have pre drilled holes with small nails already in the wood so all you have to do is hammer them in.If the Conner boxes do not have these pre drilled holes with nails you may have to buy a box of small nails about 3 in long and nail these in at a angle.

If you have a nail gun you can use that a nail gun would work great.

3 Next measure the distance from the inside of one Conner box to the inside of the Conner box  on the same wall.

4 Take the measurements and mark them on the crown molding you are going to install

5 Set the molding on a flat level surface. You can use a miter box to help cut a straight line  or if you have a table saw that would work good. It doesn’t matter what you use to cut the molding just make sure you cut it straight. That is what’s so great you don’t have to worry about cut the molding at a angle.

6 After cutting the crown molding it is best to paint and let dry and then get two small ladders or something to stand on and put a ladder or something to stand on in both ends of the room and you take one end and have a helper take the other end, both you and your helper step up on your ladder or whatever and place the molding between the Conner boxes. You will need to place the molding in at a angle. Have your helper hold the molding while you take your hammer or nail gun and put three nails in about three foot apart then move from your spot and continue to put nails into the molding spacing the nails as needed the whole length of the molding.

7 After installing all four ceilings with crown molding you’re not finished yet.

8 Next you will need to calk above and below the molding or any were you may see a gap.You will also need to calk around the Conner boxes and any nail holes you may see.

Now you should be done with the hard work now clean up your mess.

Tools needed; tape measure, hammer and nails and nail set punch,or nail gun with compressor, calk and calk gun, liquid nails( optional )

miter box and miter saw or  table saw or circular saw, some type of saw

Two Step ladders or Two of something to stand on.

Pencil, Pen, Pointed marker Or something to mark your measurements on the molding.


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