Shakespeare's As You Like It (Part-1)

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As you like it is a delightful the play opens we learn that there is hatred between Oliver and Orlando.who are brothers.the reason for the bad blood between them is that Oliver,the elder brother,refuses to give Orlando.the portion of property left to him by there let father.we also learn that duke Frederick has usurped the kingdom of his elder brother,duke senior,and banished him in the Forrest of Arden with his companions.but Rosalind,daughter of duke senior ,remains at the usurpers court so that she might keep company with Celia,the usurpers daughter .the two girls are good friends.

Duke Frederick enmity towards his elder brother and oliver’s enmity.towards Orlando are almost parallel.Frederick has banished his brother,but Oliver has a more sinister purpose.he suggest to Charles,the court wrestler that he should kill Orlando at the public wrestling to be held the next day.

one one of the courtiers informs Orlando of this plan and tries to persuade persuade him not to take part in the wrestling match.but Orlando is determined to take the risk and fight the court wrestler.Rosalind and Celia are among those who have come to see the match.Rosalind falls in love with Orlando at first sight.she is extremely anxious about the young man fate in his fight with the formidable professional wrestler.with bated breath,she and her friend Celia keep watching what everybody things an unequal fight.but to there huge relief and ecstatic delight ,Orlando overthrows Charles.however ,Orlando is advised to flee away as duke Frederick has no love for his dead father.

Duke frederick banishes rosalind from the court.she must leave within 10 days.celia diciedes to go with her.they plan there flight.rosalind will be dressed as a young man and take the name of ganymed,while celia will be dressed as a shepherdess and will be none as aliena.

Touch stone,the court gester,will acompany them.soon fedrick comes to know of the girls,flight.he hears that a servent over heard rosalind and celiena talking about orlandos fet at the wrestlingmatch.he sends for orlando and if he is not found,his brother oliver must be prodiuced before him.adam,orlandos old servent ,wants him of the denger of leaving in olivers house and they both set of for the forrest of arden.       (will be continiue……..)


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