Earning From Free Websites

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We have the ability to earn passive income from our free website. First of all we must create our own free website with a good domain which is offering free hosting service and website creation. After that create your website with unique and interesting content based on your interest and trend. Keep updating your site frequently. Try your maximum to get a good traffic to your site using SEO services.

You can earn a good income from your site by placing advertisements in your site. Mostly adsense don’t support the free domains, we can use adsense alternates and earn money from them. If you already have an adsense account you can use it in your site to earn from it. But you must follow the rules and regulations strictly of the advertising sites to earn from them.

I have my own free site under webs domain and earning by ads. I published ads from various advertising sites and earn money based on the ad clicks and page views. You can earn passive income by creating your own free site and placing ads in your site. Lot of advertising sites are available to monetize our site and provide genuine income based on the clicks.

I am using bidvertiser, adhitz, adbrite, adjungle, adclick media,info links, kontera and some other site ads in my site. Apart from them a lot of advertising sites are available, but we must be very careful while using the sites. First of all make a research about the advertising site and see the reviews, check the payment proof before joining with a site.

If you have your own free website or blog, you  can make a good passive income. You can earn money while sleeping using your site. It is not hard to create your site, you can create your site with free domains and earn a lot based on the advertisements and visitors. 

Mostly advertising sites payout are high, so we must keep patience to earn from them. If you have lot of visitors to your site and they click your ads, you can get monthly payments from this site. Check my site to know more information about the advertising sites. You can see some payment proofs there.


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