Best anti virus softwares for you Pc

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Virus and Trojans became comman in today world and it is irritating too.When a computer get virus all information and controlls are in the hands of the hackers.To protect your pc  from virus ,trojans etc…today in market various anti virus software are available,but the best is best,it means you have to select the best software which can remove virus completly.

when you purchase any antivirus software please check below features:

  • Comprehensive Virus Detection
  • Spyware and Adware Protection
  • Computer Scans
  • Automatic Virus Pattern Updates
  • Prevent Unauthorized Changes
  • Enhanced Software History Cleaner
  • Blocks Image Spam
  • Effective Antivirus Protection
  • Excellent value
  • Internet spam website protection
  • Parental control

According to me if your anti virus software has all the above feature then you computer is safe and protected from all hacks

Recommanded Softwares:

1) Avg Antivirus

2) Eset Nod32

3) Kaspersky antivirus

4) Norton Antivirus

5) Anti Vir

The best software from this top 5 list is Kaspersky antivirus.It is cheap and most usefull antivirus software for the peoples who use internet for most

Next is Norton Antivirus which is also cheap but my pc strucks when i installed this software.So i uninstalled it.

Next Eset Nod 32 is good software but when i installed and scanned my pc i got no virus status in my computer but when i installed kaspersky i found many virus in my computer and i removed all virus and trojans by kaspersky antivirus.

After a detailed study on internet i will recommand you to use kaspersky antivirus internet security because it blocks all virus downloads and it is cheaper too.

Note: 1) Some software are not fit for you computers as norton software strucks so i recommaned you uninstall the software which is not suitable for your pc

2) Don’t use 2 antivirus softwares at a time on your pc and also don’t use 2 antivirus softwars on your computer,it may struck and creat some problems in your computer.


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