Google's Former Ceo Pay Package of 101M $ on a New Job

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SAN (AP) Francisco – Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the change from executive chairman to be an attractive career move. Schmidt, Google Inc. was given a compensation package worth 101 million last year, according to a Friday regulatory filing. 322 times the amount of $ 313,219 in the last full year of 2010 in a package that Schmidt, CEO of Internet search leader to achieve higher than Mother.

Schmidt, 56, in April last decade as CEO of Google – and Google co-founder Larry Page to be no end to the current job. Change of command for a short time ago, Google Schmidt stock and stock options worth nearly 94 million, according to the company’s proxy statement. Google, the stock and stock option package was designed to return 100 million dollars, but it is worth spelling out the formula by securities regulators arrived at a slightly different calculation.

Top it off, Google, 1 year as CEO, as executive chairman from $ 1.25 million salary Schmidt for her. His 2011 salary of $ 937,500 until the end because he worked as CEO of the low – to pay the first three months spent in the year. Mother Schmidt, 2011, a 6 million dollars worth of rest bonus and perks of nearly 264,000 dollars included. Schmidt half of the bonus plans last year that the credit company can defer payments for five years.

Mother’s Home compensation package last year totaled $ 1, includes only a nominal salary. He has since 2005 maintained a $ 1 salary, although some years it has accepted Google’s companywide holiday bonus. Whether the pay package of $ 1,723 in 2010 totaled in the page.

Weekly paychecks, annual bonus and stock options in August 2004 Schmidt or Google’s initial public offering of stock since the page were not necessary. He continued that the IPO, Google co-founder Sergey Brin multibillionaires with the world’s richest people, Forbes list are perennials. ‘Forbes latest ranking Page, 39, and Brin, 38 estimates, the return of nearly 19 billion dollars. Schmidt Mother magazine about 7 billion property pegs.

Like Page, Brin, his pay package last year of $ 1.

Since Google’s IPO, Mother Schmidt, CEO of the total compensation package of $ 560.000 Google’s latest regulatory filing based on an analysis was never crossed. 2010 totaled $ 2.2 million by 2004 from Mother Schmidt joint return.His new job as executive chairman, Schmidt Company serves as an ambassador meets with the government regulators, and public display of the search for potential acquisitions.

Its proxy statement, Google for the CEO as his success as a way to recognize the major stock and stock option package as described in Schmidt. When Schmidt took a job in 2002, the Google 86 million dollars annual revenue and fewer than 300 employees. Mother completed the final year as CEO Schmidt, Google 29 billion revenue and 24,000 employees, with more than the company had grown.


Schmidt is still a big cash windfall after last year is increasing. In February, the stock is around 1.4 billion dollars to 2.4 million shares sold at the current plans.

Page and Brin 5 million Google shares to be sold to anyone under the 2015 program is scheduled to complete the process.

Home Brin, and Schmidt from Google’s controlling shareholders in the IPO, the stock of a special class of voting power that gives them 10 times due to other shareholders. Authority to ensure that they remain out of Google’s acquisition of stock to pay for more personnel and money doles, Brin and Page -2-1 for the stock split that will create a new class of shares with voting power is zero starts.

The unusual stock split, corporate governance experts, who announced last week disenfranchising opposition, derided the other shareholders.


But Google’s June 21 annual meeting approved a proposal is almost certain that, as p Brin, and Schmidt it supports.

Regulatory filing on Friday that the stock split to bring the idea was first broached in June 2010. Further analysis of the pros and cons of Google’s board formed a committee. Some limits on their control with Brin and Page, after haggling, a compromise reached before the Board this month.


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