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Choose where the most violent:

    Wati computer’s modem rob openly.
Wati computer’s modem steals silently.
Wati use pliers knock heads, then flush with hot water, then take the modem.
Everything is true.

If you prefer to choose one of the four options above, then you are one who likes anarchy. But … if it turns out you do not like all the options above, then you must be willing to make sacrifices, and seek alternative solutions to the problems faced by Budi. Then, what is the alternative solution?

Problems like the above, actually has long been expected, by the computer software maker. Therefore, they are racing to create software that is able to cope and meet those needs. Party Microsoft-even, apparently did not want to lose.

If you are using Windows XP, then you can take advantage of the so-called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Yup, as the name suggests, this feature is provided so that our computers can share Internet connection with other computers that are in the same network.

Consciously or unconsciously, this feature has actually been giving a lot of advantages to those who do need. For example, in terms of cost savings. Thanks to this feature, we do not have to buy and put the modem on each computer that we want to connect to the internet.

In addition, by utilizing this feature, we will also get other benefits. What is it? Namely in terms of security. The point? With this feature, all of our computers are connected to the internet, will be relatively more secure. So what? Therefore, only one path are used as a place out. And it will give us more convenience to watch him.

What about the drawbacks? Yep, there are drawbacks of course. For example? Our internet connection is slow. Emang why? Yes … because the bandwidth has been fragmented. The more computers that access the path, means smaller bandwidth anyway that will be by each computer.

Another drawback? Connection is highly dependent on one line. Which means, if the main line to die, then others will come off. That means, the computer that acts to set the main line, must be kept idupin dong? Yup, you’re right, O my brothers.

Another drawback? One drawback of this feature is quite annoying is that not all types of programs can work well with this feature. Just what is what? Therefore, this feature allows only one protocol and port are allowed to be used as an exit point of data entry. Well … weakness that causes programs like MIRC can not function properly.

Is there more? There. Another disadvantage is that this feature is only capable of handling the client in small quantities. So, if clientnya already too much, this feature is no longer effective to use. Is there more? For the time being … there is no longer the weakness of the ICS who want us to add.

Bete, it seems, the more disadvantages than advantages. Are there alternatives to using ICS? Of course. If that ICS can not satisfy you, there are many software and hardware alternatives, which you can use it to meet your needs.

For example? If the software … we can use a program commonly called a proxy. Proxy? Yep, a type of proxy is a program created in order that we can share the internet connection.

There are many proxy programs out there. Ranging from free, until that should be purchased. Starting from the simplest, until the most complicated. Well .. interested to know more about this proxy? If so … wait for the continuation of the story.


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