The Phenomenon of Nong Song Neng Neng Nong Neng Indonesian Idol 2012

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Neng Neng song Nong Nong Indonesian Idol 2012, or too much to call this song Neng Neng Neng Nang Nong Nong Indonesia Idol 2012 sung by Ridho when she auditioned to sing search event is the largest in the country some time ago. Although he did not get a golden ticket from the jury, but the song Nong Neng Neng Neng became popular because of his creation was bought by Ahmad Dhani that we know as the creator of many of Indonesia’s top songs.

Ridho initially told Ahmad Dhani that the song was sold at a price of 10 million rupiah. But after the bid, eventually songs Neng Neng Neng Nong Ridho is sold at a price of 5 million rupiah. Dhani is a songwriter who seems to notice that the song was going to explode. With lyric inserts Nong Neng Neng Neng, it seems the old song I Want You Dating Here be sold in the market.

Originally this song will be sung by Al, El, Dul but then plans changed and Dhani said that Nong song Neng Neng Neng seem to be sung by TRIAD. The plan of this song will be released next April. We wait for the spin-off lyrics that might be happening on the track Neng Neng Neng Nong Indonesian Idol 2012.
You still remember the song ‘Neng Neng Neng Nong’? The song was so phenomenal in the Indonesian Idol 2012 audition. One contestant from Bandung M. Ridho managed to attract attention with the song that has the original title of ‘I Want You Dating Older Here’ is.

Nong Neng Neng Neng song turned out to be good luck for Ridho who works as a baker’s. Indeed, by singing the song that does not make him get away with Indonesian Idol audition, but the song was purchased for USD 5 million by Ahmad Dhani.
Apparently, not only capital and skills yahud sounds nice to be able to deliver Indonesian Idol contestants on stage spectacular. Scars fate is also able to make someone able to perform in the stage spectacular, along with other contestants who have a voice ‘mencrang’ skills and qualified.

M. Ridho, bread sellers from Ciparay Babakan Bandung, overnight at the end of the show featured his songs brings Nong Neng Neng Neng. At the previous round of auditions, the songs appeal to the jury that Ahmad Dhani directly buy the copyrights of the worth of 5 million.

A dream come true, and that is perhaps the unexpected Ridho. Song again and brought him diarransemen Ahmad Dhani with Triad. Ridho also performed the song even though only a few moments alone.

“Ridho was able to perform well on stage spectacular,” said Daniel Mananta, last night.

Who’s behind that innocent Ridho fame. Ahmad Dhani biangnya clear. Dhani is eccentric but clever is good at making phenomenon. In her hands, innocence Ridho able to become a ‘showbiz’ is very interesting. Ridho works not just buy off, but Ahmad Dhani Ridho states will still get royalties. Will Ridho create other songs?


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