9 Ways Dealling With Our Annoying Colleagues

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Here are 9 ways of dealing with annoying colleagues.

A. Stay focused on yourself
First Stay focused on yourself. Although you are very annoyed look on his face do not show me angry and upset. Do not mind his attitude, let’s just say he was not around you.

2. Grab the attention of other colleagues
Maybe he will try menyindiri or take over the conversation. Be reasonable and calm yourself, if you can master the situation, grab the attention of other colleagues to discuss and respond more intelligently yan. Remember, you do not need to show anger in front of other colleagues.

3. Do not reply
Reply to this treatment with the same or even more negative will worsen the condition of your relationship and him. Not only that, the attitude of retaliation would make the whole office know your problem. It can ruin your career and reputation.

Better, do positive things, for example, had spoken to him personally and you can have good intentions to help her work. That way, disputes and fierce competition can be more muted.

4. Avoid spreading your problem
Upset and angry with the attitude of colleagues only natural, but do not let you spread the problem to other colleagues. It will only drain your energy and even cause you to work inefficiently.

5. Listen to your friends. There are times when problems are encountered came from miscommunication. Some of the problems that often arise usually occurs in the absence of clarification. Therefore, listen to your friends, clarify any misunderstandings.

6. Repeat their request. The hatred that comes from liking for co-workers are often blind you. All the right words sometimes sound wrong in your ear. To address this problem, ask him to repeat all the requests, statements, questions, or instructions from him. Really sure if you agree with him to avoid mistakes.

7. Stay calm. Indeed there are times when you really want to hit colleagues. However, you must be calm. Do not waste your time on useless things.

8. Opposed to the fire with water. When your teammates are on a rampage, still sitting quietly. Do not allow your emotions to let all destroyed. Wait until your partner calmly and ask when the best time to discuss the issue.

9. Your valuable. If you think that being in a position that is not fun, believe that your colleague was thinking the same thing. Peer to remind each other that you’re valuable and you need each other.


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