How To Make Money Online – Get Endless Traffic And Leads On Auto-Pilot

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“How To Make Money Online” Thank you for taking the time to review this new service, and I hope that you find it as valuable as I have.

22 Streams of Passive Residual Income!

5 Minute Monopoly offers two routes. One for the person who wants to learn how to promote a product to an audience of millions, and another for the person who wants it all to be done for them putting their income streams on auto-pilot. If one of these two people are like you then click here to get your free system now. If you’re not quite sure if you’re one of these people then hopefully you’ll know better by the end of this 5 Minute Monopoly overview I’ve made.

What Is 5 Minute Monopoly?:

passive residual income generator!The 5 Minute Monopoly Board

5 Minute Monopoly is a social marketing game created by legendary social marketing guru Kimball Roundy who previously created the insanely profitable “SpiderWeb Marketing System”. With the SpiderWeb System Kimball Built a Membership Base of 550,000 Members and a Downline of more than 30,000 people in his Primary Opportunity… All in less than 18 Months. And now he’s doing it again… Only MUCH Bigger, Badder and Better than Ever!


  • Automation – automates tasks from creating capture pages to email follow ups
  • Helps you build a list of people interested in MLM/Networking
  • Creates cash for you through the sale of affiliate products
  • Provides a system you can use to manage the launch of your own products if you choose to do so


  • Anyone new to online marketing – easy step-by-step instructions are provided so you can start generating cash and leads quickly
  • Experienced marketers – start the process where you need the help. Already have a sales funnel but need traffic – then start with the SEO or social traffic courses
  • Guru’s – do you have your own product you want to launch? You can use the 5 Minute Monopoly System to manage the entire project

The 5 Minute Monopoly System at the free membership is all you need to start earning an online residual income and at the next level, where I’m at is The Apprentice Membership. if you’re able to upgrade I highly recommend it because this is where his team does the leg-work allowing you to put your account on Auto-Pilot.

In summary this is a very well designed and optimized system to make money using affiliate marketing and network marketing simultaneously. With 5 Minute Monopoly you can be up and running with a profitable online business in no time with the help of this cleverly designed business model. Thank you for taking the time to review this new service, and I hope that you find it as valuable as I have.


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