Ideal Leader

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Ideal leader?

Ideal leader is able to communicate in an effective and rational in every situation. Leaders who can communicate effectively are:
       1. Provide updated information to all current employees and colleagues, the events that occurred in the area.
       Proactive feedback from subordinates.
       2. Provide a follow-on problems within an organization.
       3. Always update the information by the facts that occurred in the area.
Over the past three years with the company that now, store managers had a change of more than 6 times. Each of them has some unique and interesting characters that I try to write here. Keep my first director was called the Syrian Baseem Malik. It was a great white shark great, even with no hair, but shaved his face as I met Bruce Willis.Pertama immediately impressed with his attitude to all employees. Every time we talk about the plan, is running around and greet all of us. If it’s one of us makes a mistake, then he calls us into his office. It is not to blame, but consulted. This never happens on my own when I was the reason for the “money back”, was to reach thousands of riyals. Store managers are even bought me coffee and chatting casually. He asked the hard work. I was scared half to death, so also the admiration turned to him. All the advice was so absorbed in the liver. I’ve never repeat the same mistakes.
But it does not belong to the perfection of man. Although my boss was so strong in the ground, but it’s a job a little ‘on the chart. English is also much less in writing, if you’re writing a note to occur often wrong. It also is less able to perform hours of work. And then he sat on goods FOC (free), which has distributed to its employees. This case also makes the mutation of a different branch with a lower position (degrading)

Successor of the manager, was an Egyptian, a position he initially worked only as a store manager, but because it no longer occupy that position, he eventually became branch manager dikarbit for real. If you see the look that everyone will be convinced and believe that he is actually a professional in his field. But once worked with him for a month, I asked one day to find a replacement quickly. In my eyes, is no different, as the Pharaoh in cloning. Moreover, too arrogant, can not evaluate their employees. A typical dark eyes dictator who hunger for respect, but was barengi with a gentle demeanor. when there are complaints from customers, has sunk even further. Hiding in the field. So, no grass, a month later, we store sales decreased dramatically. No one to help him the first concern. His fate was then ended tragically lost a race with the label of “loser”.

Then two or three people have tried to replace it. Apparently they all suffer the same fate. It made me think. Apparently it’s not easy being a leader. This is only the size of a “shop” only. LED consists of a few suppliers, the boys and trolleybus cleaners. So what if they run a country? Of course, the degree of difficulty is very different.

So what exactly is needed to be an ideal leader? It only has enough charisma? For me, the framework for a small shop where I worked, a leader must be able to put all its employees as an asset of the company. So get a sense of belonging, a sense of belonging, which in turn bring awareness to do themselves, their best. Each of the employees as their own shop, where you earn money to cope with life.

Then, as regards the scope of the wider community, the leaders of the country, for example? In his opinion, was a great leader like that?


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