Support American Jobs. Bring Manufacturing Back to The United States

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The current state of the US economy is definitely not what it used to be. All across the nation individuals as well as small business owners are feeling the negative effects of a poor and fragile economy. Unfortunately, most of the items that are sold and offered by retailers in the US are not actually manufactured in the US. Every day it is becoming harder to find items that are actually made in the USA. Out of all of the thriving industries in this country, the apparel manufacturing industry can be seen as a prime example of one of the industries that can bring back American manufacturing jobs. In addition, it can voice it support for made in USA products by creating American jobs for its workers. An even more powerful statement that can be made for those looking to support bringing back American manufacturing jobs to the country, can be achieved by the actual consumers.

The apparel manufacturing industry has the biggest power to allow individuals to voice their support for the plea of creating 100% made in USA apparel. Unfortunately, a majority of the major apparel manufacturers in the country choose to create their apparel by importing readymade clothing that was made outside of the US. This in turn has led to the dramatic decrease of American manufacturing jobs in the country. The American dream can be found in 100% made in USA apparel. American consumers, especially those that are in dire need of American jobs, need to take advantage of the opportunity of supporting apparel manufacturing company is that proudly display a “made in USA” label.

By supporting small businesses that rely solely on keeping Americans employed, the economy truly does have the opportunity to grow and become something greater than it ever has been. Consumers as well as businesses need to realize that even though it may cost less to manufacture a particular item outside of the US, in reality it is costing the US and everyday citizens much more. Manufacturing items in the US also ensures that the items were ethically made and that workers were paid a minimum wage.

The US economy has paid the price for the endless numbers of manufacturers that have opted to turn their backs on American workers, just to create a higher profit margin. By manufacturing items in the US, not only will the economy have a true chance to succeed and recover, but a business has the limitless potential of gaining great customer loyalty and respect.


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